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June 13, 2019

Remove The Fume | Powered by Plymovent: Learning and Development with the CWB Association

Our Remove The Fume team recently enjoyed a conversation with the Mr. Dan Tadic of the CWB Group. We learned about the vital aspects of the group, benefits of membership, continuing education, all things learning and development and career opportunities for professional welders. This article will inform the new generation of welders all the benefits of membership and all the CWB group has to offer to support career growth.

Our highlights included discussing learning and development, continuing education available, networking in the industry and available career portals for welding industry professionals. We hope to share information for the new generation of welders to learn how to make the most of the tools and resources available to the new generation of welders. Learn all about what the CWB can offer with resources to benefit the career of a professional welder. 

The CWB Group provides a forum for welding community professionals to exchange information, participate in learning and development and continuing education programs.  Please explain to the welding community ways they can grow their career in a discipline of choice through the benefits of membership.

The CWB Association aims to inform, educate, and connect all welding professionals on a global scale. We provide a wide variety of knowledge and resources and are dedicated to be your one-stop shop for welding-related resources, events and much more. We aim to offer a membership that fits each individual’s needs. Some features of membership that can be enjoyed are access to WELD; our quarterly magazine which provides articles of interest on welding, industry updates, access to our members-only portal with hundreds of conference papers, presentations and publications. The job portal can be found at which serves as a tool to match employers and job seekers.  Our members enjoy affinity benefits with discounts on hotels, home and auto insurance, car rentals plus much more.

Read our blog to learn more:


For more information, please contact


Watch the video and learn more about Construction Links Network – the peer-to-peer network sharing platform for the construction, building and design community.

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