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October 2, 2018

Remove The Fume | Powered by Plymovent: Innovation of the brand with factory direct pricing

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The Plymovent brand name is synonymous with “clean air at work.” Anywhere in the world.

The story of Plymovent started 40 years ago. In those days not a single person was thinking about indoor polluted air, or the dangers of breathing in hazardous contagions or debris created in the welding and manufacturing process. Today, we are aware these harmful particulates can lead to cancer, and lung disease.

Plymovent finds its origin when two entrepreneurs started their own companies, completely independent of one another. It was a visionary time, when pioneering solutions were born from the minds of two men with similar idea’s for commercial filtration and welding fume extraction came together for the greater good and that is how Plymovent was formed. 

For decades to follow manufacturing plants and industrial manufacturers of machined and welded products began to consider indoor environmental conditions of the workplace, health effect, indoor air quality and the quality of life experienced by the workforce.

Nonetheless, extracting and filtering polluted air has been our expertise for over 40 years.



Remove The Fume | powered by Plymovent was an inspired idea born at a team meeting of operations in North America, and determined to be an innovative and direct supply method of connecting with end user customers offering factory direct pricing and ordering options to supply product on demand, in a timely manner for use.

With the e-commerce site, customers and clients alike are able to find fume extraction solutions at affordable pricing with free shipping offered anywhere in North America.

Remove The Fume also offers distributors and opportunity for new distributors to sign up to receive a re-seller discount, allowing further opportunity for Plymovent products to end up the preferred solution of welders, and manufacturers alike in need of a clean air solution for fume extraction.

Remove The Fume equipment can be found at use in schools, historical societies, shops, manufacturing plants, and work places across North America.

For more information, please contact

Remove The Fume| Powered By Plymovent


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