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May 24, 2019

Procore’s new Submittal PDF Markup feature allows users to eliminate rework and redundant steps



Procore has introduced its new Submittal PDF Markup feature, available for free to every Procore user. With this new feature, users can now markup submittals directly in Procore.

Procore’s offering allows construction professionals to streamline their submittal process. The built-in submittal builder scans every page of a spec book and automatically generates a submittal register within seconds. Then, users can organize their submittal log by division, add shop drawings, and mark up and stamp submittals directly in Procore. Attachments can be added to a submittal directly from users’ computers or directly from Procore’s construction Document Management Tool.



In the past year, Procore users uploaded nearly 3 million submittal attachments. With the submittal tool being so widely used, they received valuable user feedback asking them to make the submittal process in Procore even better — and they listened.

The new Submittal PDF Markup feature allows users to:

  • Eliminate unwanted extra PDF download/upload steps
  • Eliminate the need to use third-party markup applications
  • Highlight, comment, colour, or draw on a PDF document
  • Upload customizable company stamps
  • Add a blank page to the front of PDF documents for stamping & comments
  • See an activity feed tracking who added what markup and when



Find out more on Procore’s blog:

Blog post: Say hello to Submittal PDF Markup, your new time-saving best friend

More on Submittal PDF Markup:


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