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May 8, 2019

Portable Micro Warehouses with dock level feature by RM Products Ltd

RM Products Ltd. dock and ground level fiberglass buildings are the answer for Micro Warehousing where and when you need it.

RM Products has been working for the past 15 years to develop the perfect dock level storage building for micro-warehousing and order fulfillment. We’ve perfected the basic model but will make changes in our design to suit our client’s specific needs.

The models pictured here has 13′ high with 10′ high door openings. This facilitates easy movement of product from delivery truck to building. Our steel frame floor and adjustable jack stand with anchoring system allows various heights for floors depending on need.

Some of our other features are listed below:

Height and Width Feature
• Our buildings come in widths from 8’ to 20’ wide and any length you require. Our buildings can come with interior walls ranging from 8’ to 14’ in height.

Dock Level or Ground Level
• Our steel frame floor and adjustable jack stand with anchoring system allows various heights for floors depending on your needs. If dock level is not required ground level with or without a floor is available.

Insulated Building Option
We offer fully insulated buildings.

• Our sandwich design allows us to have rigid foam insulation sandwich between two fiberglass skins which means the foam is not exposed.

  • Our insulated buildings come with an insulated floor, insulated walls and insulated overhead door.

• Door size, door design, door location are all options.

Dock Seals Option
• RM has also developed a dock seal that is easily adjustable to allow for the different truck heights.

• All buildings have LED lighting on the inside and outside with timers and motion sensors, exhaust fans and receptacles. We offer electric heaters for heat requirements.

Linkage Between All Buildings Option
• Where multiple bins are supplied buildings can be linked to each other

Check-In Rooms and Office Options
• We have been installing small check-in rooms and offices that are linked to the bins which can be modified to your needs.
• We supply rooms with washrooms, check-in counters and supervisor offices.
• All electric lighting, air conditioning and heating is supplied.

Ramp Option
• We also offer our flip down ramp which has the feature of being able to swivel out of way when required.

Concrete Bumpers
• All bins have heavy concrete blocks preventing trucks from hitting the building.

Pallet Runner Option
• We can supply the pallet runners for our buildings when requested.

For more information on our products, please visit our website at or call us at (800) 363-0867.


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