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September 21, 2018

Portable High Vacuum Fume Extractor from Remove The Fume


The Portable High Vacuum (PHV) is a lightweight, rugged, portable welding fume extractor. It removes hazardous welding fumes and grinding dust from light duty metal fabrication applications at-the-source. The PHV is optimal for small weld and fabrication shops, confined spaces such as ship hulls and tanks, difficult to reach locations, maintenance facilities, schools and occasional welding and fabrication projects and everywhere including locations that are not or hardly accessible to stationary and larger mobile units. The PHV can be mounted on the wall or used as a mobile unit on wheels.

The PHV is a portable high vacuum welding fume extractor. It is equipped with two motors and an automatic start/stop device. The extracted welding fume first passes a metal pre-separator and then goes through the Dura-H main filter with integrated aluminium pre filter. The air leaves the unit through a HEPA filter. With its wheels, the handle and its compact design the machine is extremely suited to be used in relatively small workshops, in confined spaces or near sources of pollution without a fixed location. The PHV can be switched on/off manually or automatically.


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