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October 12, 2018

Plymovent Industrial is proud to introduce the WallPro

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The WallPro welding fume extractor with automatic filter cleaning system. This unit is designed with the professional welder in mind. WallPro is suitable for a wide range of welding fume and other dust applications.


A unique dust-free maintenance concept provides a safe working environment for everybody: the welder, his direct environment as well as the maintenance engineer.



The WallPro is the latest addition in the comprehensive family of plug and play welding fume extractors, a family that is easy to install with more bang for the buck filter units. This new WallPro is targeted towards the professional welder for daily and continuous usage.  WallPro can be used with one or two extraction arms and has a special PowerPlus model for very heavy fume conditions.

Extracting and filtering polluted air has been our expertise for over 40 years.

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Plymovent Inc.| Sales for welding fume and oil mist products

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