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June 19, 2019

Plymovent Group announces head office breaking new ground for expansion of manufacturing and assembly factory located in Alkmaar, Netherlands

Plymovent Inc. announces expansion of head office to develop and deliver more clean air products for the welding and fabricating industry, production shop floors and the manufacturing business sector globally.

The history of Plymovent started over 40 years ago. Plymovent’s origin story includes the coming together of two entrepreneurs at a pioneering time when clean air at work was an innovative venture joining the efforts of a Swedish engineer and a vertical market developed by a Dutch company.

The adjoining together of the two business is the foundation of how Plymovent has grown its global workforce, our worldwide distributor network and dealers that too share the vision of clean air at work for everyone everywhere.

Read our full history here



Plymovent Industrial NA is a leading supplier of Plymovent Inc. products for the industrial sector of business in North America. Our product lines provide high-quality solutions that remove welding and cutting fumes, grinding dust and oil mist in the metalworking industry. Our products contribute significantly to a cleaner, safer and healthier workplace.

Our industrial extraction products and filtration units supply solutions for many of North America’s top brands for welding, and related industries. Our extraction units, plus mobile and portable equipment lines seek to provide solutions for the filtration of polluted indoor air. We offer accessories, and additional value added product lines to ensure engineered solutions are provided to our market place.

Plymovent cares about indoor air quality in the workplace. Plymovent is committed to ensure a clean, safe and healthy working environment for its customers. We respect the environment and we deliver high-quality products. Our expertise gained over many years and our genuine commitment to customer requirements enable us to provide precisely the solutions needed. We offer products, systems and services which ensure clean air at work – anywhere in the world.


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