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December 6, 2017

PET scanner construction moves to next phase in Sudbury

The Ontario Ministry of Health has approved plans for the next stage of building the PET scanner at Health Sciences North, a source told Friday.

A letter sent to HSN says the ministry has reviewed the hospital’s Stage 3 plans for the scanner, and has given them permission to move on to Stage 4.

Stage 4 involves work drawings and specifications for the facility that must be built to house the scanner. It will be housed in the Nuclear Imaging Department, located on Level 2 of the hospital’s Lougheed (South) Tower.

Local fundraising efforts have raised the $3.5 million needed to buy the scanner, and the province has pledged the $1.6 million needed in annual operating funding.

The province has also promised to pay $4.6 million for the construction of the PET scanner suite. The 3,800 square-foot building will require extra thick – at least 37 cm – concrete walls to prevent radiation from leaking into other parts of the hospital and will be built on stilts.

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