Saturday, May 28, 2022
January 19, 2022

PassiveLogic, which creates digital twins of buildings, lands $34M

Commercial building systems often require engineering teams with years of training to maintain. Even retrofitting old buildings with technology like HVAC systems can be costly and time-consuming — not to mention error-prone. The construction labor shortage only threatens to execrate the challenges, with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce reporting that 70% of contractors are struggling to meet project deadlines.

As digital simulation gains currency in other domains, some vendors are pitching “digital twin” technology as a partial solution to ongoing construction hurdles. Digital twins are virtual representations of systems that span their lifecycles and use machine learning to help with decision-making. Platforms like London-based SenSat assist clients in construction, mining, energy, and other industries with creating models of locations for projects that they’re overseeing. Meanwhile, companies including GE offer products that allow companies to model digital twins of actual machines and closely track performance.

Another vendor in the growing digital twin technology market is PassiveLogic, which today announced that it raised $34 million in series B financing — bringing its total raised to $53.2 million. Founded in 2016, PassiveLogic uses AI-powered “deep physics” models to enable customers to design, build, operate, and manage both buildings and building controls.

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