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March 9, 2018

Parking lot sours proposed soccer dome development in Calgary

A Calgary city councillor is not happy with the location of a proposed soccer dome.

Councillor Evan Wooley said the community hadn’t been expecting such a large surface parking lot to go along with the dome at 17 Ave. S.W. and 33 St. S.W.

“We spent an immense amount of money – well over $100 million – on that station, for transit-oriented development,” he said. “The community was engaged very deeply over a long period of time about their expectations and hopes and dreams.”

According to the city’s website, transit-oriented development is meant to be walkable, mixed-use development near a transit station. Typically, it’s high density to encourage more transit ridership.

The development permit application is for two indoor soccer fields and parking for up to 415 cars on the 12-acre site. Under zoning rules that land use is permitted.

The application also says it would be temporary for 10 years.

Woolley is upset that more parking is being asked for than necessary.

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