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March 5, 2019

P.E.I. construction industry launches Phase 2 of recruitment campaign

As reported on CBC News, P.E.I.’s construction industry is rolling out Phase 2 of a multimedia campaign to try to address a shortage of workers while levels of construction activity continue to rise.

Phase 2 of the Island Builder campaign will consist of promotional videos, a continued radio campaign and promotions focusing on high school students.

Sam Sanderson, general manager of the Construction Association of P.E.I., said getting in front of youth is key to attracting more workers.

“We are in the process of producing some videos to get the information out there, let people know the opportunities that there are within the industry.”

Those videos will be spread through social media and presented at job fairs and events at high schools, because the message isn’t getting out to people the way it should be, Sanderson said.

“The plan is to move forward and do some presentations, again to show the youth there are great opportunities and tremendous potential within the construction trade sector.”

Part of this phase of the campaign is sending out the first ever wage and salary survey to highlight the earning opportunities in the sector, Sanderson said.

“We know we saw a huge increase. We’ve seen a huge increase in salaries and benefits of being in the trade sector the last couple years and we certainly want to showcase that and again strengthen the opportunity potential.”

Construction work is no longer a seasonal job, it’s year-round employment, Sanderson said.

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