Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Onsite medical as a tool - Medcor
June 11, 2024

Onsite Medical As a Tool for Attracting and Retaining Skilled Construction Workers  

With an estimated 113,100 new construction workers needed in Canada by 2027, there’s an elevated level of competition among construction firms to attract skilled workers who can start with very little training. This makes it more important than ever for companies to make use of all the recruitment tools at their disposal to attract skilled workers and retain those that are already doing a solid job.  

One way that construction companies can attract and retain skilled workers is by offering services that promote worker health and wellbeing, such as onsite medical services.  

Benefits of Onsite Medical for Construction Companies 

Onsite medical services provide construction companies with a wealth of benefits, giving workers easy access to trained medical professionals when they’re injured.  

Cost Management  

Having onsite medical can help you manage many workers’ comp claims, as injuries that only require first aid are dealt with onsite. Your worker doesn’t miss their shift, and you don’t bear the cost burden of offsite medical care, paying out lost wages and more.  

Additionally, having an onsite medical provider can help you reduce your recruiting costs. Workers value the security onsite access to medical care provides, and this access may be the difference between one worker choosing your firm instead of another. With estimates saying that the cost of recruiting one new employee totaling three or four times that position’s salary, onsite medical helping you easily recruit and retain skilled workers could be a major cost savings for your business.  

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