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May 8, 2018

NSLC unveils designs for cannabis stores in Nova Scotia

Some Nova Scotia liquor stores will soon be fitted with walled-off cannabis zones in preparation for pot legalization this summer, executives say.

One vacant store in Halifax will also reopen as the sole pot-only shop in the province.

Designs for 12 NSLC stores were released Monday by the corporation’s president and CEO, Bret Mitchell. Eleven existing locations will each undergo $500,000 renovations to create cannabis stores within existing liquor stores, Mitchell said. A 12th location — a recently shuttered NSLC store on Clyde Street — will be renovated to sell cannabis exclusively, at a cost yet to be determined.

“We have what I consider a modern, bright, really merchandise-intense full-service environment which we are going to roll in July,” said Mitchell.

Renderings of the store interiors look well-lit, with white walls and a few bright punches of colour. A wall of weed boxes behind the cash registers show off the variety of products on offer.

Senior vice-president and chief operating officer Tim Pellerin said the NSLC is still in the process of choosing cannabis suppliers, but it’s preparing for 150 products at the store-within-a-store shops, 300 products at Clyde Street and a total of 425 products on the NSLC website.

Products will include prepackaged buds, pre-rolled joints, cannabis oil and gel caps, as well as accessories like papers, vaporizers, grinders and lockable storage devices.

Pellerin said the assortment of products on offer will likely morph over time.

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