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February 14, 2018

New introductory trades program to be offered to Grade 10 students in Manitoba

A new course will be offered to Grade 10 students in the area.

In the 2018-19 school year, Introduction to Construction Technology (ICT) will be offered to Grade 10 students at Morden Collegiate, Northlands Parkway Collegiate, Garden Valley Collegiate and W.C. Miller Collegiate.

ICT is a single semester course introducing basic carpentry and piping skills used in many industries.

Red River Technical Vocational Area (RRTVA) Director, Brenda Giesbrecht, said this course is perfect for ‘sampling’ both carpentry and piping trades.

She noted Introduction to Trades and Technology has been very successful in the past, but many grade 10 students aren’t sure yet what trade they are most interested in.

“A lot of the skills are transferable to either trade that they will be learning,” Giesbrecht explained. “They can pick what’s a great fit for them.”

Students will be introduced to common practices such as working with tools and equipment, reading blueprints, learning trade based projects, and work safety.

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