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PEI women in construction
December 11, 2019

New group aims to get more women involved in construction on P.E.I.



A new committee aimed at getting more women working in construction on P.E.I. met for the first time Tuesday.

The 10-member committee, mostly made up of women who work in the industry, was formed by the Construction Association of P.E.I.

The Island’s construction industry has been facing a major labour shortage.

“There is all kinds of roles that are played in building anything in construction,” said Jessie Champion, who is a member of the group and a second-year construction technology student at Holland College.

“And I think that women could challenge those ideas more often and not just think about the pigeonhole of manual labour that comes into construction.”

Champion said there are a lot of jobs in construction outside of manual labour like doing estimates, site inspections and design.

With the committee starting to meet, Champion said she hopes more women will consider construction as a career.

She said she came to P.E.I. from Alberta to study construction, and noticed there weren’t any other women in her classes.

“I noticed first thing, first year of my construction program, I was the only female,” she said.

Being the only woman out of 18 students was “eye-opening,” Champion said.

“Traditionally it has been definitely a male-dominated industry, it still kind of is, but it is nice to see those barriers starting to be broken down.”

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