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May 5, 2019

National Research Council now providing free electronic access to all the national model codes



As of April 2019, the NRC is offering free access to the downloadable and online formats of the National Building Code, the National Fire Code, the National Plumbing Code, and the National Energy Code for Buildings, as well as the provincial codes published by the National Research Council of Canada (NRC). Paper copies of the Codes, along with other supporting documents including the Guides, are available at a reduced cost.

The Government of Canada confirmed funding in the 2018 Fall Economic Statement that supports ongoing and future building code development work. This is good news that allows the NRC to provide free access to the national model codes.

Building codes make sure that Canadians’ health and safety are protected whenever their homes, places of work and other buildings are built or renovated.

Having one set of rules reduces regulatory burden and removes barriers to internal trade in a sector that employs nearly 1.4 million Canadians1. Consistently applied, harmonized building will lower costs for the construction industry and make it easier for businesses to bid on contracts across the country.

The goal of this initiative is to reduce barriers to trade and encourage provinces and territories to align building codes across the country. The federal government is continuing to work with provinces and territories towards the timely adoption of the national codes in a way that ensures that the needs of provinces, territories and Canadians are met.

To access the free electronic documents or to order the printed format, place your order online through the NRC Virtual Store.


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