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March 12, 2018

National Building Code training now available to the P.E.I. construction industry

Training on the newly adopted National Building Code is now available for all those involved in the P.E.I. construction industry.

The National Building Code is the model followed nationwide for the construction and design of buildings.

“Adopting the new building code will improve the energy efficiency of our buildings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while it also will reduce red tape for the industry,” said Richard Brown, the Communities, Land and Environment minister.

“We are pleased to invest in upgrading skills for people who will be applying the new building code,” he added.

The Building Code Act was passed by the legislature in 2017. The industry will have time to adjust to the new requirements for residential construction over two years, before the code is enforced.

Once the public consultations are completed and the new regulations approved, the National Building Code will become law.

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