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August 1, 2018

A look at the world’s most striking pedestrian bridges


A golden bridge held up by two enormous stone-coloured hands has opened in the Ba Na hills, near Da Nang in central Vietnam. It is the latest in a series of statement footbridges around the world. Cau Vang (meaning gold bridge) opened in June, is 150 metres long and 1,400 metres above sea level, with views across the green mountainscape. It took just under a year to construct, with initial designs by TA Landscape Architecture.

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The Ba Na hills mountain retreat was a favourite holiday location for the ruling French authorities in the early 20th century but fell into ruin after the revolution against colonial rule in 1945. The area is now home to a replica French village and gardens, along with a 5.8km cable car track – once the world’s longest and highest – as well as a cavernous concrete amusement complex, hidden beneath the kitsch-looking village. Remnants of the original villas have been spotted by travellers riding the cable car.

Cau Vang follows in a line of unusual footbridges, seen everywhere from Iowa to India: structures that are noteworthy as architectural statements in themselves, rather than accessories for an already popular location.

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