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March 20, 2018

A look at the next phase of Dubai’s solar park project

The fourth phase of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park will feature the world’s tallest solar energy tower, according to officials, helping provide clean energy to more than 270,000 residences.

The 260-metre tower will help the project generate 700 MW of clean energy, which will help reduce carbon emissions by 1.4 million tonnes each year.

Additionally, the project will also have the world’s largest thermal energy storage capacity. The $3.8 billion (AED 14.2bn) project has achieved the world’s lowest levelised cost of electricity (LCOE), of 7.3 US cents per kilowatt hour (kW/h).

“We will continue pursuing ambitious investments with an emphasis on projects that have a positive impact on people’s lives,” Sheikh Mohammed, Ruler of Dubai, said in a statement.

“Clean and renewable energy is key to sustainable development and the UAE has set an example for its rapid adoption.”

The Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050 aims to provide 75 percent of Dubai’s total power output from clean sources by 2050.

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