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May 31, 2018

A look at five new ways UAVs are being used in the construction industry

A recent report by Goldman Sachs named the construction industry as one of the biggest potential markets for drones over the next 10 years, with an estimated $11.2 billion in earnings.

And construction companies have been taking interest in the technology. Since April, there has been an explosion of news about drones in the construction industry, with companies employing drones in new ways and to perform innovative functions. Here are five of the most exciting drone developments over the last month.

Israel’s new “Gulf Port,” one of the most complex construction projects occurring in the country, will be surveyed partially by unpiloted drones.

The new port, currently under construction in the city of Haifa, is meant to help develop the country’s maritime trade. On May 22, the drone startup Airobotics announced that the project was using its drones, which are able to safely fly out of the operator’s sight line. According to the company, the site has been using the drones over the past eight months to survey both the physical geography of the area and the construction progress.

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This is the first time that automated drones have been used on a construction site, and they have proven useful in flying at high altitudes, out of the way of construction equipment.

Komatsu LTD., a Japanese multinational company specializing in construction equipment, recently placed the largest commercial drone order in history with DJI.

DJI, most famous for its Phantom quadrocopter drones, will be providing Komatsu with industrial drones to help with its Japan-based Smart Construction service. The service is designed to compensate for the country’s shortage of skilled workers, and relies on intelligent machine control construction equipment. DJI will be making custom drones for Komatsu, which are designed to integrate with the rest of its machines and provide jobsite surveys.

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