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September 21, 2018

LincEdge announces their Skilled Trades Network


We are pleased to announce that LincEdge is live. After having hosted a successful beta launch, our application is now available to all skilled trades.

What is LincEdge?

LincEdge is a tool that makes it easy to build a Trusted Partner community to offer and source skilled labor. We are creating a network of businesses and independent contractors offering quality skilled trade services. Labor can be sourced within a particular trade such as Plumbers and Electricians, or across specialties to tap into other trades as needed.  Users on the network can both offer and source skilled labor, as their situation dictates. 

Why LincEdge

LincEdge was created to address the difficulties of finding skilled trades, especially as senior experienced worker retire. Additionally, and especially in construction, firms can be stressed when many sites are required to complete concurrently, creating enormous stress on the firm to maintain quality and timelines.  While firms can undergo serious pressure when in peak demand, they can also experience quiet times waiting for site readiness or for jobs to start. There is always capacity within the Industry that is not visible or accessible.  Using LincEdge and creating a network of trades that are trusted and dependable, can make it easier to navigate both quieter times and peak pressures. The results are greater profitability, happier customers and employees.

Performance in beta

LincEdge launched Beta to a closed group of users in December 2017, during a traditionally busy time to a limited number of firms within one specialty. It was a slow start with most of the Beta users preoccupied over the Christmas rush, however, once into the new year, we saw activity.

We were pleased that the software functioned well, was intuitive to operate and best of all provided an immediate source of business for those who had the available capacity as well as access to competent labor resources to those in need.  As with anything new, especially a solution that depends on both supply and demand, getting new users on the system is challenging. We are now opening the network to skilled trades across the construction industry. We are initially focusing on the Pacific Northwest.  Once a firm or independent expresses interest, we interview them and identify existing trusted partners who they are open to working with to join their network.

Experiences and insights from beta users

While we build the network, and certainly during Beta, one of our offerings will be to source skills that may not be on the network. We know we will need to do this in the early stages, and may keep it as a value-added service, should this be important to our users. Two interesting examples of this during beta follow.

A local trade needed service in the interior of British Columbia. Service for out of town jobs can quickly drain small firms and can literally eat profits if not well managed. We got a very strong firm onto the site well within the timelines needed, negating additional costs and distractions for our user.

An old, outdated entry control system failed, leaving seven apartment residents unsecured. In less than a day, we had sourced a professional who was familiar with the existing technology and the problem was fixed.

We expect that both scenarios will be common, especially while we build the network.  

Other insights from our Beta users included, the confidence to take on additional business, or to offer additional services to existing clients. Below are strong testimonials which validate the service and its possible applications.

Offering Labor

Sourcing Labor

Sign-up for Free to LincEdge

Though Beta is always part of any software tool, we are officially launching effective August 11, 2018, at which time LincEdge will be available for sign-up directly from our new website. We are excited to build a network that boasts both quality and depth.

Raising the bar in the industry

We have activated the first phase of our Trust Score. Users can get verified by agreeing to provide references. Users can remain on the network without verification.  However, with verification, they provide insights into both their commitment to quality and their trade. As well they provide a level of assurance to potential Trusted Partners.   It will be interesting on many levels to follow user preferences and see how many choose to engage this first and fundamental level of our Trust Score.

Unlike verification, all users will be required to participate in confidential ratings after using the system, whether sourcing or providing labor.  We are planning to complete the full Trust Score by Q1 2019, with a vision to raise the bar and provide a dynamic index that is respected and celebrates excellence.   

We welcome your participation on our network and look forward to growing a meaningful resource base that will enable skilled trades and their businesses to grow profits.


Watch our video and learn more about the benefits of joining Construction Links Network – the peer-to-peer network sharing platform for the construction, building and design community.

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