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April 26, 2019

Legacy Building Solutions Blog: 5 Types of military buildings that benefit from fabric

Fabric buildings have a long relationship with the military – often used as rapid deployment temporary structures.

But Legacy buildings have advantages over these structures, including the proven strength and design flexibility of a rigid steel frame. The engineering behind these buildings is refined over decades and easy to calculate for any conditions or military construction budget worldwide.

The engineering also puts Legacy buildings at the forefront of safety – personnel, vehicles and materials inside the building will not be impacted by strong winds, heavy snows, rain or other environmental conditions.

Complete design flexibility makes the buildings suitable for military or commercial application worldwide. Here are five types of military buildings available from Legacy Building Solutions.


The solid steel frame allows Legacy buildings to the exact size required by your specification – including widths up to 300 feet or more, along with any length or height. These measurements allow for 50,000 square feet of clear area, or more as needed.

Access and egress are major concerns for all airplane hangars. Legacy buildings can be safely engineered to support openings, with jackbeams for extra-wide openings that support vertical lift fabric doors, bottom rolling doors, fabric doors, hydraulic doors or other options that allow planes and personnel to maneuver safely in and out of the building.

See an example of a massive fabric building with large doors.

ExxoTec™ PVC fabric is naturally flame retardant for increased safety when dealing with airplanes and fuel. With the frames’ ability to support multiple loads simultaneously, wet or chemical fire suppression systems can be suspended from the steel building frame for maximum safety.


Protect any material with a soft-sided shelter from Legacy Building Solutions. The steel frame makes a sturdy structure with the exact dimensions needed to contain racking, vehicles, food storage equipment and more.

Clearspan design of a fabric building means an unobstructed area for stored material, personnel and loading equipment to maneuver inside.

Fabric seals tightly around openings, and Legacy buildings are constructed without the thousands of fasteners that often create water and air leaks inside metal clad storage buildings. With this more airtight seal, it is easier to control the environment inside the building – including temperature and humidity level as needed.

Learn more about fabric building installation.

Uninsulated Legacy buildings are filled with natural light, saving on electrical costs and making the buildings idea for a remote and off-the-grid location. Insulation or blackout fabric are also available to create light or dark cycles inside the structure.


Legacy buildings are ideal as large area maintenance shelters (LAMS) for storing and maintaining vehicles – Humvees, MRAP and TUAV. Add space and building access for multiple vehicles and support equipment, as well as use as vehicle inspection shelters, guard shacks and sunshades.

Case studies of military buildings. 

Auxiliary equipment, including bridge cranes and lifts, can be added to the building frame to keep them accessible and useable inside the building without taking valuable floor space away from the work area.

While most buildings have a traditional roof shape, alternatives like lean-tos, monoslope or gambrel roofs accommodate vehicles of any size.

Military staff are tasked daily with important operations requiring care and precision. By providing a safe, protected workspace, Legacy buildings help make these tasks easier and more pleasant. Get more information about our fabric buildings for military applications!


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