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May 28, 2019

Leading edge security technology for the construction industry

Caliber Communications Inc. is a technology-based Canadian company that has created a flexible, cost effective and reliable replacement to physical guarding services. The company has engineered and developed a unique communications platform that operates on cellular infrastructure anywhere in North America. To date, this platform has been specifically utilized for applications requiring remote security monitoring in a variety of industries, locations and settings.

The platform is completely modular and can be completely independent of existing infrastructure where no resources are available. This allows the units to be set up anywhere they are required to provide effective security coverage. If power is not readily available, the units are designed to operate on very low wattage making solar power a viable solution. All units provide 360 degrees of situational awareness with stationary cameras. Additionally, all units come equipped with a PTZ camera (pan, tilt, zoom) to drill into the images and gather specific data for evidence.

Each unit comes equipped with a strobe light, a siren, and a LIVE 2-way communication speaker, which are effective in deterring suspicious individuals or vehicles in real time. Automated messages can be created to specifically handle any incident that may occur on your sites.

All units are pre-manufactured in-house and come with on board communications. The units are capable of being installed in minutes which allows LIVE monitoring to begin protecting your assets and your locations the moment power is applied

The LIVE Monitoring of the high resolution video streams produced from Caliber units is conducted in house from Canada’s first UL certified monitoring center located in Stoney Creek, Ontario.

LIVE vs. Alert Based Monitoring

Caliber provides continuous real time remote “LIVE Monitoring” services. All other companies providing remote monitoring services are using “Alert Based’ systems operating on restrictive cable internet lines.

Their live monitoring hours are industry standards from 6pm – 6am Monday to Friday, 24 hours Saturday, Sunday, and stat holidays. Video review is available upon incident or request. Each client is provided with a secure portal to remotely access any video required for incidents or investigations.

Caliber Communications Inc. utilizes cutting-edge technology license plate readers. These plate readers provide the unique ability to track known offenders anytime they show up at a site equipped with a Caliber system. Caliber is currently compiling the largest civilian intelligence database for vehicles in Canada. This technology allows their Video Analysts to conduct investigations in a timely manner without the need to manually review video footage; in turn saving time and money.

All monitoring activities and license plates captured with Caliber’s platform are databased and utilized residually to help secure all of their client’s locations.

Data backup is minimum industry standard 14 days and additional storage is available if required.

Caliber’s monitoring operators have established and are maintaining a 98% deterrence rate; detecting activities as they are occurring and before they become incidents.

Their monitoring staff work closely with local police departments and all sites are registered to assure priority service and response time.


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