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August 10, 2018

Laneway homes coming to Port Moody, B.C.


Laneway homes are coming to Port Moody and they’ll have to follow strict design guidelines.

At a meeting last month, Port Moody council adopted an amendment to the city’s official community plan to regulate the construction of laneway homes.

Coun. Diana Dilworth said the detached dwellings, which are built as accessory homes on the same property as an existing home, will address some of the housing needs of young adults, seniors and young families getting into their first homes.

“I’m excited about welcoming this new form of housing,” she said.

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Coun. Zoe Royer said laneway homes will “bring a lot of good things to the community in terms of livability.”

Currently, only a portion of Moody Centre that has been designated as a pilot area is zoned to accommodate laneway homes.

While the amendment concedes construction of laneway homes “will lead to the sensitive densification of the existing residential character area in Moody Centre,” design guidelines to “respect the character of the neighbourhood and adjacent properties” will create an “attractive, livable environment,” and serve as “inspiration for new development.”

Those guidelines include:

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