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June 27, 2022

Knowella Debuts AI-Enabled Digital Workplace Safety Solution for the Construction Industry

Knowella has debuted the most advanced AI-powered EHS&Q (Environment, Health, Safety & Quality) platform to advance workplace safety in the construction industry. This platform facilitates the automation of safety data collection and analysis for reducing hazards and risk factors.

Workplace safety has become better over time with the implementation of new regulations and advanced technologies. Nevertheless, some industries like construction are associated with a higher risk of workplace accidents as employees undertake strenuous work with dangerous machinery in harsh environments.

Based on figures cited by the Health and Safety Executive, only the field of agriculture is more hazardous than construction. In the United Kingdom, around 74,000 employees in the construction field suffered from work-related injuries in the period from 2019 to 2021According to figures for workplace accidents in the United States, the highest number of injuries occurs in heavy truck and tractor-trailer drivers, people who move objects from place to place, and nursing assistants.

Companies have evolved from not having any safety system at all to paper-based safety systems to digital safety systems. Now companies are beginning to use computer vision-powered video analytics to drive continuous improvement. Knowella’s B2B SAAS platform automates safety data collection and analysis to help companies identify how productive, quality-conscious, and safe the workplace environment is and to take remedial steps to train with nudges in the right direction through actionable insights. It helps construction firms to ensure that employees are getting the training they need, using the correct equipment and conforming to standards like OSHA, COR, and more.

Knowella’s platform leverages the latest developments in AI and machine learning and comes with roles and permissions which are highlyscalable. It can be used by firms having employees ranging from 5 to 500,000.

Commenting on Knowella’s platform for the construction industry, Siddarth Singh, co-founder, and CEO of Knowella, said, “Companies want to get as much value out of their employees on a construction site as they can. This means that their focus should be on their core tasks while ensuring they adhere to safety precautions, training, and standards. Our platform automates everything with regard to safety from data collection, analysis, training, and implementation of new safety measures so that the focus of the frontline teams continues to be on productivity. When compared to our competitors, the Knowella platform can be implemented quickly. So, we can move faster with the onboarding. We facilitate training in a microlearning format with bite-sized training sessions that workers can take on their mobile devices. We drive intelligent decision-making through data-powered analysis, helping make people your competitive advantage. You win when your people win.”

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