Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Keith press release - April 20
April 20, 2022

KEITH Founder Foster Earns MATS Wall of Fame Honor

The photo is of Lindsay Foster-Drago, KEITH president, and Mark Foster, KEITH Chairman/CEO. Lindsay is Keith Foster’s granddaughter and Mark is Keith’s son.

KEITH Manufacturing Co. founder Keith Foster was recently honored with a spot on the Mid-America Trucking Show’s (MATS) Wall of Fame. The commemorative wall was created for the MATS 50th anniversary. Foster, who passed away in 2006, joined 26 other inductees recognized for their contributions to the trucking industry and MATS.

Foster made trailer unloading easier, safer and more efficient with the KEITH® WALKING FLOOR® system. KEITH Manufacturing Co. launched in the early 1970s in Madras, OR and Foster set off to make an automated moving floor unloading system. He focused on creating a hydraulic drive that was powerful enough to unload a semi-trailer and in 1973 introduced the first commercially viable moving floor system under the WALKING FLOOR® brand name.  

KEITH Manufacturing Co. remains a family-owned business. WALKING FLOOR® unloading systems are used in a variety of industries internationally to handle bulk and palletized materials. The company designs, machines, fabricates and assembles nearly 100 percent of the components used in its WALKING FLOOR® systems at its facility in central Oregon. KEITH has sold more than 90,000 units around the globe and holds over 270 patents.

For more information on KEITH® WALKING FLOOR®systems, visit the new website at keithwalkingfloor.com.

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