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July 4, 2022

How to Hire a Construction Estimator for Your Business

When your small business is in growth mode, it can be tough to decide where the tipping point is: do the work yourself or hire help? Of course you only want to add another salaried employee when the time is absolutely right, but how do you know when that is? And when you make the decision, where do you start? Here’s your quick guide to hiring a construction estimator. 

Deciding When It’s Time to Hire

To make the tough decision on when to start the hiring process, take a hard look at your own day-to-day.

–  Are you spending your days in the field and your nights at the office (or kitchen table) estimating? 

–  How much of your time is spent on estimating compared to your other responsibilities? 

–  Are you bidding as many jobs are you want to be? 

–  How’s your accuracy rate? Are you making mistakes because you’re in a rush? 

–  What’s your plan for company growth in the near future? 

You’re the business owner, so the majority of your time should be spent running the business. Time in the field supervising your crew is one thing, but if too many hours are taken up on administrative tasks, you’ll struggle to meet your growth goals.  

It’s also worth taking into account your personal life. Would you rather have dinner with your family or be stuck finishing a bid? Would you rather catch your kids’ games or be sifting through plans and specs? Would you rather enjoy the outdoors, a concert, a good book, or be stuck at the office? 

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