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Kryton - Flashback Friday
June 6, 2023

Flashback Friday: Making Durable, Sustainable Concrete a Reality

For years, the construction industry has been looking at ways to make more durable, sustainable concrete. While concrete already has better resilience than most building materials to severe weather, rot, insects, fire, and more, it can be vulnerable to abrasion and erosion and comes with its own hefty carbon footprint. That makes concrete a tempting material that’s not without some downsides.

Many, including insurance companies, want a building to be built with such a material anyway because it provides a lot of protection from outside elements. But with an increase in volatile weather with abrasive and erosive elements and demand for more environmentally friendly construction, the widespread use of concrete has become a concern for some.

In search of an answer to this situation over the years, Kryton looked to innovations within the industry. Kryton’s own invention of the crystalline waterproofing admixture category had revolutionized concrete waterproofing, and it was time to find the same ground-breaking change for those in need of both highly durable and sustainable concrete.

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