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Fat truck - 8 X 8
March 11, 2023

FAT TRUCK is pushing the limits with its new 8X8 vehicle

Zeal Motor Inc. the manufacturer of the famous FAT TRUCK® is proud to announce the official production launch of its new FAT TRUCK® 8X8. The 8X8 was designed to answer the specific need to transport heavier payload or additional crew in the harshest terrains.

The 8X8 will be used by the utility industry to facilitate working in hard-to-reach jobsites. The 8X8 will be available in two
variations: HAULER and WAGON.

The FAT TRUCK® 8X8 answers the market demand of having an amphibious vehicle that can carry a high payload of 5000 lb (2262 kg) or a crew of 16 workers.

“A vehicle capable of traveling at 25 mph (40 kph) on land, 3mph (5kph) on water, climbing steep muddy hills (75% grade)
while meeting all the safety requirements is an outstanding advantage that only the FAT TRUCK® can provide. The footprint of the 8X8 is 1.9 psi at its maximum payload, which is 5 times less than a human. The innovative articulation allows the vehicle to climb vertical walls of 4 feet (1.22m) effortlessly. The FAT TRUCK® 8X8 is truly pushing the limits in off-road vehicle capabilities.” Says Amine Khimjee, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at Zeal Motor.

The Fat Truck® 8X8 first public appearance will be at the CONEXPO in Las Vegas from March 14-18, 2023, booth S63729.

Zeal Motor is a corporation based in Bromont, Quebec, Canada that manufactures industrial utility vehicles that provide solutions to infrastructure such as powerlines, pipelines, mining exploration and first responder vehicles. Zeal Motor Inc is pursuing its mission of creating innovative products in this specialty market segment such as the FAT TRUCK® product line.

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