Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Main types building construction - Premier blog
April 2, 2024

Exploring the Main Types of Building Construction

It doesn’t take an experienced builder to realize that buildings come in a wide range of types and styles. On one end of the spectrum, we have tall buildings made from steel and concrete. On the other end, we have modest homes made from wood, some of which are only one floor tall. While these are starkly different buildings, there’s much more to the different types of construction than height and material. In this guide, we’ll go over the five main types of building construction designated by the International Building Code. We’ll discuss the materials each type is made from and some examples of buildings you might notice in your community.

1.What is the International Building Code?

The International Building Code (IBC) is a model building code, and it was developed by the International Code Council. The IBC’s goal is to create uniform building practices for the sake of public health and safety. It also plays an important role in defining the different construction types.

The IBC defines the different types of construction for several reasons. First, it determines the structural design criteria for a project to ensure that it is strong and safe enough for the intended occupancy. It also ensures that all of the components and utilities in the structure are up to code to ensure the building can last in the event of a fire.

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