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Excess Soil - THEM - Feb 8
February 6, 2024

Excess Soil: A Comprehensive Guide

Do you know what excess soil management is? If you are in the construction or building development industry, then you should as this can save you thousands of dollars in unexpected costs.

Ontario Excess Soil Regulation 406/19 (On-site and Excess Soil Management, and Rules for Soil Management and Excess Soil Quality Standards) establish criteria for the on-site management, transportation and off-site reuse and disposal of excess soil. These criteria clarify when excess soil can be reused for a beneficial purpose at a reuse site and when it must be disposed of as waste at an approved waste disposal site, such as a landfill. The improper management of excess soil may result in negative impacts on soil, groundwater, landscapes, human health, and environment for local natural ecosystems. Following O.Reg.406/19 will ensure the implementation of excess soil management processes for reuse or disposal for regulatory compliance, which may also reduce the excess soil that ends up in landfills.  

Excess soil refers to soil, crushed rock or soil mixed with rock or crushed rock, that has been excavated as part of a project and removed from the project area. Excess soil projects involve the excavation of soil including: 

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