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March 27, 2019

Excavator slides into river at Bala Falls hydro plant construction site



As reported on CTV News, construction at the Bala Falls Hydro plant was brought to a temporary halt Tuesday morning after an excavator slid into the Moon River.

“Last night an excavator edged into the Moon River while undertaking excavation work at the Bala Falls site. All the on-site crew are safe with no injuries reported,” said Swift River Energy spokesperson Nhugn Nguyen.

The company says the incident happened around 3 a.m. during the night shift. The operator was able to escape the cabin safely.

“Before the work started, we did follow the normal safety procedures and reminded everyone of the procedures to follow,” said Nguyen.

Another excavator and a heavy tow truck were used to pull the machine out of the water.

Swift River is now investigating the circumstances that lead to the incident.

“It’s too early speculate,” said Nguyen. “Did we follow proper procedures and protocols? What was he doing at the time and what were the surrounding conditions?”

The company has also notified the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks and the Ministry of Labour.

Officials don’t believe the excavator spilled fuel into the river, but a second containment net was placed in the water around the site following the incident for additional protection.

“We do know that the back of the excavator where the fuel tank was did not submerge in the water,” said Nguyen.

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