Monday, May 27, 2024
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Allegion - Schlage Indication Solutions
May 15, 2024

Enhancing Security: Schlage Indication Trim Portfolio Expansion

Allegion, a leading security products and solutions provider, announced the expansion of its indication trim portfolio with three new lines of Schlage® Indication Solutions, a best-in-class lock portfolio designed specifically with K-12 and higher education security needs in mind while also serving the privacy application needs of healthcare, commercial and retail markets.

Developed by a leader in the security space for over 100 years, Schlage’s new visual indication trims set a higher standard for security, offering some of the largest viewing windows and a patented 180-degree visibility that ensures clear messaging from any angle, enhancing safety in critical situations. Designed to meet the needs of diverse environments and openings, these locks offer unparalleled functionality and durability for Grade 1, fire-rated applications with thoughtful features like tamper-resistance, colour-blind friendly backgrounds and dual indication options. With its additional availability in all finishes and lever designs common to Schlage locks, the indication trim can be used for enhanced security, privacy, and convenience in many situations.

“At Allegion, our work in pioneering safety means we’re listening to customer needs and innovating to create solutions that can make a difference in people’s everyday lives and at times when it matters most,” says John Villanueva, general manager, Locks & Access Solutions at Allegion. “In today’s world, the sense of safety and security is paramount, especially in K-12 schools and higher education campuses. As a strategic evolution of our Allegion indication solutions, Schlage’s new indication trims were designed with this in mind, making the locked or unlocked status visible even at a distance, providing invaluable peace of mind in every space.”

Increased Visibility in From Any Angle

With some of the largest windows on the market and patented 180-degree views, Schlage’s new indication trims provide enhanced lock status visibility, allowing for quick confirmation that doors are securely locked from any position in the room. This is vital in educational settings but also helpful elsewhere for privacy such as on patient bathrooms in hospitals, or on public, single-use restroom doors in retail settings where eliminating the need to approach the door helps ensure uninterrupted privacy to the occupant and convenience for the next user.

“Knowing the door is securely locked provides peace of mind,” said Ken Cook, Director of National Safe Schools and Advocacy, USA. “This peace of mind allows teachers to focus on teaching, while students can focus on learning. This innovation serves as a prime example of Allegion’s dedication to making our nation’s schools safer and more conducive to effective education.”

Built to Withstand High-Abuse Environments

The Schlage Indication Solutions were engineered to withstand the high-abuse environments of active school settings. Achieving a Grade 1 Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) rating, the locks provide the highest level of quality, reliability, and durability, making them ideal for K-12 classrooms and higher education campuses where additional safety and security are needed.

Know It’s Locked from Either Side of the Door

Some applications benefit from being able to know the door is locked from both the inside and outside. The new Schlage mortise and deadbolt indicator trims offer dual (inside and outside) indication options, which are particularly useful in healthcare and commercial settings.

This line of Schlage Indication Solutions builds on Allegion’s existing indication product portfolio, including Von Duprin security indicators that were designed for high-occupancy areas. The visual verification application reduces the time to tour a facility and helps ensure that each door is secure with at-a-glance visual verification. Education and healthcare campuses can now outfit a variety of openings – from perimeter entrances to classrooms – with high-visibility visual status indicators.

The Schlage Indication Solutions are offered in the Schlage L Series mortise, ND Series cylindrical and B Series deadbolt locks and are available for purchase now. Learn more about the Schlage Indication Solutions and contact an Allegion security consultant to equip your classrooms and campuses with Schlage indicator trim.

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