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March 12, 2019

Energy efficiency program in PEI to implement list of approved contractors



As reported on Insurance Business Canada, PEI’s energy efficiency initiative will soon roll out a list of approved contractors that homeowners will have to choose from if they want to take advantage of any rebates.

To make that list, however, contractors will need the appropriate insurance, among other requirements.

Efficiency PEI, a division of the provincial government overseeing the program, offers rebates and programs to help residents optimize their energy usage. The rebates, in particular, are designed to help even low-income homeowners make upgrades or install equipment in their homes to make them more energy-efficient.

Previously, homeowners were able to select any contractor to do their work, and to enjoy rebates under the program. But Efficiency PEI will implement its list of approved professionals on April 01, meaning residents will have to select contractors from the list before they can receive any rebates.

To make the list, contractors will have to register with Efficiency PEI and meet several criteria, such as securing proper insurance coverage.

“They need to prove that they have liability insurance and are covered by workman’s compensation if they’re eligible, and if they’re following the current laws and regulations of the province of Prince Edward Island,” Efficiency PEI manager Mike Proud told CBC News.

The list was created to protect homeowners in response to issues some consumers have reported in the past.

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