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November 14, 2018

How drone technology is leveling up the construction industry

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Drones which are also referred to as Miniature Pilotless Aircraft, Flying Mini Robots are gradually growing in popularity. Although they are still in their infancy stage concerning its adoption by enterprises, it still has made a place in the industries. Drone technology is used for numerous reasons in the construction industry as well. It works as a tool that improves security, communication, and marketing and also captures real-time images from the field. The innovation can be applied to the construction industry in the following ways:

1.  Building Surveys: Most of the building surveys require the visibility of the building’s roof to identify its condition and assess any defect. Initially, pickers or ladders were required to get access to the roof which is both time-consuming and costly. Therefore, a small drone can be useful as it can save time, diminish any safety risks involved with surveying a roof or reaching out to places which are risky.

2.  Site Inspection: Construction site inspection can turn out to be dangerous and complicated at times. Drone footage can be recorded safely and then forwarded to the stakeholders. Site inspection can be done at regular intervals, can cover large areas more efficiently and reduces the risk factors and can save time as well.

3.  Health and Safety Inductions: Site inductions can be a tedious and time-consuming procedure. Using a drone to fly over a site can show new health and safety risks in real-time. It also enables site managers to demonstrate moving cranes, moving vehicles, excavation areas, etc.

4.  Maintenance Inspections: Maintenance inspections of high-up structures like bridges, towers, roofs involve costly arrangements and site personnel working at height. Here drones can play a significant role by providing real-time footage to the engineer by reducing cost and most importantly risk.

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