Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Don't RIP Through Construction Zones
August 7, 2020

Don’t RIP Through Construction Zones campaign revived in Lethbridge

It’s a usual part of the summer routine: adjusting your commute due to construction around town.

As part of the provincial government’s stimulus plan to invest in roads around Alberta this summer, Aecon Group has been awarded a nearly $10-million project in and around Lethbridge for work on Highway 4, 5 and 52.

The Alberta Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Association, along with Lethbridge-East MLA Nathan Neudorf, held an event Thursday to spread the message ‘Don’t RIP Through Construction Zones’ as part of a revived campaign for 2020.

They’re hopeful that appropriate signage and spreading that message will help encourage safe driving.

“This is really an important program to refresh in people’s minds that they need to slow down and pay attention to the signs that change the speed limit. Be aware of workers that are out there, they go home to their families every night too and we want to make sure they get there safe,” Neudorf said.

ARHCA CEO Ron Glen says their organization is happy to see the province acknowledging the crucial role the industry plays not only in stimulating the economy but also in ensuring highways are in good condition.

“Since the government’s significant investment means more crews on the road, we all need to do our part to make sure drivers and crews are safe. That’s what Don’t RIP Through Construction Zones signage is about.”

The bulk of the funds for the project will go towards manufacturing the asphalt, and installing guard rails and additional signage when the work is complete.

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