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August 7, 2018

The digital building technology that is taking construction to the next level


According to Watts, these drones will be equipped with Lidar and high definition cameras that feed data back to on-site Construction Labs. There, 3D printers will be able to manufacture components based on the data, producing replacement parts for the building that perfectly fit the structure.

“It goes straight from the robot taking the 3D survey information to the software that’s going to make the component,” said Watts.

Though this future may be a few years away, Newtecnic is already incorporating the necessary infrastructure into current buildings and paving the way for more digitised construction. Modular techniques have allowed the industry to develop a surgical approach to building, where every stage is meticulously planned and sequenced. Where organised chaos once ruled, order is now the prevailing trend.     

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“You can see on contemporary building sites, they’re a lot tidier than they were 20 years ago,” said Watts. “You see only what’s being done at the time. It’s almost like a Lego kit being put together. You see very little mess.”

Watts acknowledges that in many ways Newtecnic is trying to reintroduce a concept that the industry has actually been moving away from for several years, localised workshops seen as adding to site clutter. However, he believes the results speak for themselves and that with a coordinated approach, on-site fabrication can integrate seamlessly with modular builds. Prefabricated techniques may underpin choreographed, clinical construction, but it’s additional on-site work that truly makes the buildings sing.

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