Monday, March 4, 2024
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February 11, 2024

Darabase Canada: Educating the Canadian Market on Property Digital Rights

Darabase, is excited to announce the launch of Darabase Canada, its first Regional Affiliate office anywhere in the world, situated in Toronto, Ontario. With global efforts spearheaded out of the United Kingdom, Darabase Canada will play a pivotal role in educating the Canadian market about Property Digital Rights (PDRs), an emerging asset class that allow property owners to protect, manage and monetize how their properties are used in the digital world.

The company also announced that Mike Harris, Senior Business Advisor at Fasken and former Premier of Ontario, and David Tsubouchi, former Ontario Cabinet Minister and Member of OMERS Board of Directors, have agreed to join Darabase Canada’s Advisory Board.

Darabase Canada will also champion local adoption efforts of the platform, the world’s first PDR inventory registry. With an estimated 1.4 billion AR-enabled devices already in the hands of consumers globally (Statista), the platform enables property owners to protect and control the extent to which their assets are used as a digital canvas for Augmented Reality (AR) content. It empowers property owners to register their PDRs, give permission for what types of digital content can or cannot be displayed at their locations and paves the way for a new revenue stream through AR advertising. 

With property owners already attributing significant asset value to outdoor media inventory, the uniqueness of the platform lies in its ability to convert any location-based asset – whether it’s a prominent building, an obscure landmark, or simply a storefront, intersection or road – into a prime space for AR advertising. This transformation occurs seamlessly, irrespective of the property’s shape or context, turning it into a monetizable resource for both businesses and marketers alike.

“We’re thrilled to announce the opening of our first affiliate office in Toronto, marking a significant milestone for us in growing and enhancing our global presence,” said Dominic Collins, Chief Executive Officer, and co-founder of Darabase. “Canada’s dynamic business environment, tech-savvy population, and progressive approach to innovation make it an ideal choice for our first regional affiliate, aligning seamlessly with our mission to revolutionize out of home AR advertising.”

“With North America estimated to contribute 37 per cent to the growth of the global AR market, I am ready to embrace this new role with the mission of demonstrating to the industry that augmented reality isn’t just a future concept—it’s a present reality unfolding at scale in Canada,” said Peter Pinfold, Chief Executive Officer, Darabase Canada. “Property Digital Rights play a pivotal role in protecting property owners’ existing assets while simultaneously offering an avenue for new, passive income streams. Darabase is pioneering a transformative journey where real estate converges with augmented reality, unlocking opportunities for immense value creation.”

Late last year, Statista estimated the global digital advertising market to be valued at $680 billion, a growing proportion of which is shifting to immersive AR media. Though entirely disruptive, the technology behind the platform emulates the existing regulated and permission-based framework that currently underpins all out of home advertising. This approach ensures a secure, legal, ethical and brand-safe model for immersive AR campaigns to be restricted or delivered effectively in the real world.

Entering the Canadian market via a strategic partnership with GroundBreak Ventures, Darabase Canada is dedicated to aiding property owners in safeguarding and future-proofing their assets. Its core mission involves providing a legally sound and brand-safe framework for AR advertising, delivering an exceptional experience for consumers while fortifying the interests of property owners.

Forward-thinking commercial property owners and brokers interested in learning more about Property Digital Rights are encouraged to book a consultation appointment by completing the intake form on

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