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ConTech Blog - Main
December 3, 2023

ConTech Trends and Innovations – No. 36

A look at the world of Construction Technology – by Arnie Gess, publisher of Construction Links Network.

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Technology is transforming every aspect of the construction industry, from design and planning to project management and execution. As new tools and techniques continue to emerge, it’s more important than ever for professionals in the field to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations. This blog series offers in-depth coverage of the most important developments in construction technology. Whether you’re interested in the latest software platforms, the newest building materials, or the cutting-edge research shaping the future of the industry, you’ll find it all here.

From our members

From Risk to Reward: Nibbi Mitigates Risk and Finds Efficiencies with OpenSpace

Nibbi - Case Study - OpenSpace

With an increasing amount of its work being self-performed, Nibbi sought a jobsite photo documentation solution that would help the company mitigate risk, improve communications with owners and subcontractors, and provide a single source of truth to achieve better collaboration. After leveraging the platform on one of its housing projects in San Francisco, Nibbi decided to deploy OpenSpace reality capture on all projects, with teams walking and capturing jobsites twice a week. Download the case study.

Behind the Numbers: What Construction Camera Standards Really Mean

Behind the Numbers - Truelook blog

Are you looking for the best construction cameras to document and protect your jobsite? In your search, you’ve likely run into ratings like IP66 and IK10In this blog post courtesy of TrueLook Construction Cameras, they will explore six key rating systems that you need to know when shopping for construction surveillance cameras.

4 Productivity Tools For Construction

These days, going paperless is key to streamlining site projects, improving quality, and closing jobs faster. But to make use of those technologies, you need great hands-on tools and apps. Alpha Software Corporation has identified 4 construction apps that will make your data collection faster and more accurate. They have included links where you can sign up for a free trial of Alpha TransForm and access these apps for free. Read the blog.

Document Crunch Introduces Negotiating and Redlining to Its Construction Contract Solution

Document Crunch, a leading construction industry contract intelligence platform, unveiled its latest product, Document Crunch for Word, integrating with Microsoft Word. This innovation revolutionizes contract review and negotiation for legal and non-legal professionals. Tailored for contract analysis and redlining, it offers core Document Crunch features within Word, streamlining clause identification, risk assessment, and efficient redlining using industry-specific language samples. Josh Levy, CEO, emphasizes their mission to simplify complex contract negotiations by bringing AI-driven intelligence into Microsoft Word. This advancement, lauded by Kyle Reynolds of Andres Construction, signifies a pivotal shift in contract review, highlighting Document Crunch’s commitment to enhancing project success and profitability by integrating timely information within the construction industry’s digital workflows.

Buildots Named Next Big Thing in Tech by Fast Company

Buildots, a leader in Performance-Driven Construction Management using AI, secured a spot on Fast Company’s Next Big Things in Tech list, acknowledging innovations shaping various sectors like healthcare, security, AI, and data. Among 119 recognized technologies, Buildots’ AI-driven system integrates construction site activities into a unified platform. Using 360-degree cameras, it tracks project progress, granting managers comprehensive control and aiding major global projects in New York, Singapore, and London. Roy Danon, Buildots’ Co-founder, expressed pride in enhancing construction industry efficiency, emphasizing the significance of aiding millions of professionals. Fast Company’s Editor-in-chief highlighted the list’s role in foreseeing innovations pivotal for future technological advancements and global issue resolutions.

Topcon Positioning Systems announces new global sustainability initiatives

Topcon Positioning Systems announces a comprehensive sustainability plan with the establishment of a global team led by Michael Gomes, focusing on sustainability and CSR across markets. Embracing UN’s sustainable development goals, Topcon aims to support global initiatives, reflecting their dedication ingrained in the company’s core values since 2016. Demonstrating this commitment, a new 60-acre Research & Validation Center in Livermore, CA, shows collaboration with Alameda County and Cal Poly SLO for innovative technology research and development. Global validation centers in Italy and Australia also contribute to cutting-edge precision technology research. Furthermore, Topcon’s Livermore campus undergoes a transition to solar power, emphasizing emission reduction and cost savings. Gomes highlights the significance of these initiatives, emphasizing continual worldwide research and testing for sustainable advancements.

StructShare Officially Launches Integrations with Leading Construction Software

StructShare excels in offering seamless integrations that streamline processes for construction professionals, emphasizing accuracy and efficiency. By linking procurement, accounting, and project management systems such as Viewpoint Vista, Sage, QuickBooks, and Procore Financials, StructShare ensures smooth data synchronization, enabling precise financial tracking and reporting. StructShare’s zero-touch data flow, purchase order and invoice syncing, and comprehensive accounting-procurement sync enhance data accuracy and financial visibility, empowering informed decision-making. Co-founders Or Lakritz and Arik Davidi emphasize user-focused integrations crafted to complement existing workflows, minimizing errors and optimizing efficiency without disrupting operations. Positive user feedback, like Shaya Weinberger and Joel Friedman’s testimonials, underscores improved efficiency and financial accuracy through StructShare’s integrations, reshaping construction operations for enhanced control and effectiveness in procurement, project management, and accounting realms.

Sage Construction Management launches to deliver powerful pre-construction and project management solutions

Sage introduces Sage Construction Management in Canada, augmenting its construction cloud suite with pre-construction and project management capabilities, catering to small contractors’ budgets and scaling with their growth. Offering true cloud solutions encompassing preconstruction, operations, and financials, Sage aims to streamline collaboration among field, office, and external teams, enhancing project information sharing for swift decisions. This end-to-end suite, coupled with Sage Intacct Construction Financials, aligns operational and finance teams, boosting job profitability. Addressing Canada’s booming construction sector, Sage ensures comprehensive project oversight, accessibility, and device flexibility, as highlighted by Shawn Peterson’s endorsement at Mid-Atlantic Building Services. Sage provides the Construction Essentials package and standalone solutions, fostering adaptability and efficiency for varying business needs.

FHWA Announces $34 Million in Grants to 10 States for Advanced Digital Construction Technologies

The FHWA unveiled $34 million grants for 10 projects in 10 states, supporting digital construction through the ADCMS grant program under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. These funds aim to expedite project delivery, diminish delays, and cut costs by promoting computer modeling and 3D design. These projects, championed by FHWA Administrator Shailen Bhatt, serve as models for national adoption, fostering advanced digital construction management. The ADCMS program, part of FHWA’s broader Technology and Innovation Deployment Program, incentivizes state departments of transportation towards embracing enhanced software modeling tools. With objectives centered on increased productivity, reduced paper reliance, best practices, and technology adoption, the initiative sets national benchmarks for digital construction deployment, focusing on efficient information-sharing and cost-saving strategies.

One Click LCA Secures €40M investment to decarbonize the world’s construction

One Click LCA, a forefront decarbonization platform in construction and manufacturing, secures a €40M investment from PSG Equity and InfraVia Capital Partners. This strategic boost aims to enhance R&D, propel enterprise solutions, expand globally, and enable mergers and acquisitions. Their mission revolves around empowering a zero-carbon future by providing global life-cycle assessment, environmental product declarations, and sustainability solutions. With clients worldwide, including prominent enterprises and compliance with 70+ standards, the platform facilitates comprehensive sustainability analysis and connects the entire construction value chain. Backed by PSG and InfraVia, One Click LCA strives to be the leading global sustainability platform, encompassing carbon, biodiversity, circularity, and beyond, catering to over a million users and driving international growth in decarbonizing construction and manufacturing sectors. The investment aligns with climate change mitigation efforts and underscores the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions in construction and manufacturing, as highlighted by Panu Pasanen, Founder, and CEO of One Click LCA.

Construction marketplace Construex takes in first capital to expand in Latin America

Construex, an Ecuadorian SaaS marketplace for construction and design, secured $4.6 million in seed funding led by Zacua Ventures and Fifth Wall, with participation from ABSeed and Terracotta Ventures. Founded in 2019 by Roberto Arroyo and his brother Nicolás, the company aims to digitize Latin America’s $520 billion construction market by addressing information scarcity among suppliers. Offering a free platform, Construex generates revenue through transactions and subscriptions, boasting 80,000+ suppliers and a team of 48 across two offices. After self-funding for four years and achieving profitability in Chile, Guatemala, and Argentina, the company seeks VC funding for further expansion into Mexico and Brazil, recently establishing an office in Mexico City. Arroyo’s goal is to onboard one million suppliers and quadruple revenue within a year.

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