Monday, November 27, 2023
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November 19, 2023

ConTech Trends and Innovations – No. 34

A look at the world of Construction Technology – by Arnie Gess, publisher of Construction Links Network.

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  • Premier Leaderboard - updated Nov 19
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Technology is transforming every aspect of the construction industry, from design and planning to project management and execution. As new tools and techniques continue to emerge, it’s more important than ever for professionals in the field to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations. This blog series offers in-depth coverage of the most important developments in construction technology. Whether you’re interested in the latest software platforms, the newest building materials, or the cutting-edge research shaping the future of the industry, you’ll find it all here.

From our members

Save Your Seat – How We Build Now: Atlantic Canada Edition

How We Build Canada - Atlantic

Procore is on the road for our recently released industry benchmarking report: How We Build Now, where your peers reveal the industry and technology trends shaping Canadian construction. Joined by Home Depot, our next stop is Atlantic Canada and we’ll be zoning into the regional findings.  We’re bringing with us regional experts Brendan Nobes and Stuart Galloway, who will discuss where the Maritimes are leading and lagging compared to the rest of Canada. Learn more and RVSP.

TrueLook’s End-of-Year Camera Sale

Truelook end of year sale

Save $1000 on any TrueLook IR Camera* through Dec. 31, 2023. Don’t miss this chance to increase your construction site’s visibility and efficiency. Invest in TrueLook Cameras now and save big with our limited-time offer! The best part? No contract is needed with your camera purchase, allowing you to activate service when your next project starts.

Win more bids and grow your brand with Timelapse Videos from OpenSpace

Openspace timelapse

With the click of a button, OpenSpace customers can now have rich, compelling videos to showcase their projects in an exciting new way. The new desktop feature just released in OpenSpace Capture makes it easy for customers to generate videos of a single location shown over a period of time, with options for both fixed and rotating perspectives. OpenSpace will automatically generate a construction timelapse video for you and email you when the video is ready. Read the blog.

EarthCam Expands Autodesk Construction Cloud and 3D BIM Integrations

EarthCam unveiled crucial enhancements to its Autodesk Construction Cloud® integration during Autodesk® University. These upgrades enable EarthCam’s live jobsite cameras to autonomously provide comprehensive AI-powered reports alongside live imagery directly to Autodesk Build®, enhancing project management and execution. As the inaugural camera company recognized as a Construction Cloud Premium Partner, EarthCam’s seventh-generation integration aligns live-camera streams with digital twins, allowing detailed architectural exploration and immediate model alignment. This integration augments Revit® or Navisworks® models with high-res imagery, offering intelligent job site perspectives and evident progress tracking for VDC teams. The EarthCam environment fosters seamless stakeholder communication, lauded by Stephen Brooke from Burns & McDonnell. Leveraging EarthCam AI analytics, users can automate visual data delivery to Autodesk Docs and Forms, configuring alerts for weather conditions and detected objects. Phil Centineo Jr. from Torcon, Inc., praised EarthCam’s effectiveness in issue identification through shared pictures. Daily EarthCam AI object analytics summaries, including heat maps and equipment activity, integrate with Autodesk Docs and Forms. Additionally, EarthCam provides security solutions and Control Center software, offering a full suite of construction-oriented services and efficient project management tools using powerful visual data.

Microsol Resources partners with Eagle Point Software for AEC Online Learning

Microsol Resources Corporation, a prominent figure in BIM technology solutions for AEC, formed a strategic alliance with Eagle Point Software, creator of the Pinnacle Series learning platform. Pinnacle Series caters to AEC and manufacturing professionals, offering a diverse repository of videos, documents, and resources for sustained employee training, instant issue resolution, and digital transformation. This collaboration capitalizes on Microsol’s dedication to empowering AEC firms and practitioners with Eagle Point’s prowess in on-demand learning and advanced CAD and BIM software techniques. Emilio Krausz, President of Microsol Resources, highlighted their joint objective to bolster professional skills through this partnership, citing Eagle Point’s track record in effective training solutions that complement their existing live training classes. With the transition to being an Eagle Point partner following the acquisition of CADLearning, Microsol aims to offer its clients access to Pinnacle Series’ extensive content library and a personalized learning experience.

Construction Technology Veteran JD Sherrill Joins LeapThought

LeapThought, a prominent provider of advanced construction management solutions, appoints JD Sherrill, an accomplished sales leader in the AEC technology field, to their team. With 15+ years of expertise in scaling SaaS software sales, Sherrill is poised to enhance LeapThought’s initiatives in addressing construction productivity challenges. Ratnakar Garikipati, CEO, emphasizes Sherrill’s pivotal role in driving technological solutions aligned with industry needs. The recruitment is part of a broader strategy, welcoming Ky Hacker as Chief Revenue Officer and Jackie Young as VP of Global Marketing and Growth, signifying LeapThought’s dedication to revolutionizing project outcomes. Sherrill, along with Hacker and Young, aims to bolster LeapThought’s presence in North America by leveraging their innovative BIM-focused platform featuring cloud-native access and AI decision-making capabilities, targeting significant industry transformation.

Aurigo Software Gears Up for Expansion with New Mysore Facility in January 2024

Aurigo Software, a key player in capital planning and construction management solutions, is set to expand its operations by establishing a new campus in Mysore, India, by January 2024. Anticipating aggressive growth, Aurigo plans to double its workforce from 500 to over 1000 employees in three years, prompted by escalating demand for its cloud-based offerings among various sectors like transportation and local governments post the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. The move aims not only for expansion but also to tap into Mysore’s talent pool and cost-effectiveness, aligning with Aurigo’s strategy to grow sustainably and innovate. The company’s decision reflects a commitment to exploring new horizons and consolidating its global presence while emphasizing its flagship software, Masterworks, catering to comprehensive construction program management.

BuildOps and Mike Tyson announce Tyson for the Trades Initiative

BuildOps, the exclusive management software for modern commercial contractors, introduces Tyson for the Trades in collaboration with Mike Tyson, aiming to motivate nationwide job seekers to explore lucrative careers in trades. Addressing the aging workforce crisis, with 68% of tradespeople over 40, Tyson for the Trades offers resources and opportunities for aspiring professionals in fields like HVAC, electrical, and plumbing. CEO Alok Chanani emphasizes the widespread industry impact, partnering with Tyson to bridge the labor gap and inspire new entrants. Mike Tyson expresses appreciation for tradespeople and aims, through BuildOps, to provide access to training for a better future. Additionally, the initiative, partnering with We 2 Matter, extends trade scholarships for formerly incarcerated women, sponsoring apprenticeship programs to re-enter the workforce and support career development.

SmartPM Achieves SOC 2 Type II Compliance

SmartPM Technologies, Inc., known for pioneering construction data analytics, announces its attainment of SOC 2 Type II compliance, placing it among a select group of tech companies upholding stringent data protection benchmarks. Initiated by AICPA, SOC 2 Type II evaluates non-financial reporting practices, emphasizing security and confidentiality. This achievement not only signifies SmartPM’s unwavering commitment to data security but also challenges peers to raise their standards. SmartPM’s CTO, Rohit Sinha, emphasized the commitment to data security, while CEO Michael Pink highlighted their dedication to customers’ data security. Collaborating with an independent agency for a meticulous audit validated SmartPM’s alignment with compliance criteria, solidifying its dedication to industry norms and best practices. The report is available from SmartPM’s trust center.

SkillSignal Partners with Princeton University to Launch Mental Wellbeing Initiative for Construction Workers

SkillSignal, in partnership with Princeton University’s Kahneman-Treisman Center for Behavioral Science & Public Policy, launched the Construction Wellbeing Initiative (CWI), marking the world’s inaugural database solely dedicated to mental health support in construction. This groundbreaking repository reflects their joint dedication to tackling mental health challenges and reducing alarming suicide rates prevalent among construction workers. The sector’s struggle is evident, with the CDC highlighting a staggering suicide rate of 53.3 per 100,000 in construction compared to the U.S. average of 12.93. Construction leaders emphasize the need for culture change and tailored interventions due to the profession’s unique stressors. The CWI provides proven mental health interventions and aims to eliminate stigmas while continually evolving to pool insights and offer tangible solutions for improved wellbeing on construction sites.

eSUB Announces new Integration with QuickBooks Online

eSUB Construction Software recently introduced an integration between its eSUB Cloud project platform and QuickBooks Online from Intuit, promising increased efficiency by eliminating manual data entry and offering streamlined financial and timecard management. This integration aims to enhance accuracy, reducing errors from duplicate data entries and ensuring reliable financial reports. Real-time insights empower accounting and project management teams with immediate access to project-related financial data. Cindi Karl, eSUB’s VP of Product, highlighted the significance of this milestone in providing comprehensive solutions, emphasizing its mission to empower subcontractors for better efficiency and profitability. The new features enable users to seamlessly send approved timecards and manage key database items within a centralized platform, fostering improved data management and workflow efficiency. This integration underscores eSUB’s commitment to bridging the gap between project management and accounting, offering flexibility and efficiency to all eSUB Cloud users.

Feds announce over $5.6 million for innovative Vancouver tech companies in construction safety and transportation

The Government of Canada, through the Pacific Economic Development Agency of Canada, recently allocated over $5.6 million in PacifiCan funding to support two Vancouver-based businesses focusing on innovative technology for construction site safety and enhanced transit options. Minister Harjit S. Sajjan made this announcement at a Vancouver construction site, highlighting SALUS Technologies’ cloud-based safety management software used there. SALUS received $2,635,300 to expand its safety software capabilities, ensuring better safety protocols, real-time incident notifications, and streamlined inspections. Additionally, Spare Labs was granted $3 million to advance its transit booking software, aiding transit operators in expanding on-demand services using diverse vehicle fleets. These investments are anticipated to generate 100 jobs and propel over $80 million in revenue growth for both businesses.

Ediphi Emerges Out of Stealth with $6.5 Million in Funding From Suffolk Technologies

Ediphi, a cutting-edge cloud-based estimating solution, recently secured $6.5 million in seed funding from Suffolk Technologies, aiming to revolutionize preconstruction processes. It’s the sole platform excelling in both conceptual and detailed cost estimating, endorsed by Suffolk, a prominent builder and Ediphi’s inaugural customer. The investment will enhance platform development, bolster business expansion, and facilitate hiring. Ediphi aids contractors in early-stage pricing, fostering collaboration between design teams and contractors, allowing for accurate cost estimates from preliminary sketches. The platform streamlines workflow, centralizes data, accelerates preconstruction timelines, and garners acclaim for significantly boosting estimating team performances. CEO Dustin DeVan, former BuildingConnected founder acquired by Autodesk, leads the team with CTO Michael Navarro, prioritizing improved collaboration in construction’s initial phases.

INGENIOUS.BUILD Secures $37 Million in Series A Funding

INGENIOUS.BUILD, a top technology firm specializing in Real Estate Development and Construction project management software, closed its Series A funding with $37 million. Morpheus Ventures, Navitas Capital, and Koch Real Estate Investments co-led the round, joined by investors like JLL Spark Global Ventures and Crow Holdings, also acting as esteemed clients. With ongoing support from Cushman & Wakefield, this marks a transformative phase for INGENIOUS.BUILD, uniquely leveraging data and automation to enable precise project management with reduced risk. CEO Nick Carter emphasizes gratitude for investors’ trust and vows to enhance industry disruption. This investment accelerates the company’s growth trajectory, focusing on innovation, efficiency, and elevating project management solutions. Strategic partners envision INGENIOUS.BUILD transforming construction project management, delivering unmatched visibility, productivity, and collaboration, aligning with its commitment to revolutionize the industry.

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