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August 18, 2023

ConTech Trends and Innovations – No. 21

A look at the world of Construction Technology – by Arnie Gess, publisher of Construction Links Network

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Technology is transforming every aspect of the construction industry, from design and planning to project management and execution. As new tools and techniques continue to emerge, it’s more important than ever for professionals in the field to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations. This blog series offers in-depth coverage of the most important developments in construction technology. Whether you’re interested in the latest software platforms, the newest building materials, or the cutting-edge research shaping the future of the industry, you’ll find it all here.

From our members

How Heavy Construction Scheduling and Dispatching Software Works

B2W - Schedule Webcast

Whitebards, spreadsheets, paper and phone calls remain go-to tools at many heavy construction companies for scheduling and dispatching resources. These offline solutions, however, make it hard to keep pace with ever-changing requirements and get the right people, equipment and materials to the right place at the right time. In this recorded webcast, B2W Software solutions engineer Pat DiMeco covers the basics of how specialized software applications for scheduling and dispatching work and explains how a centralized, online system gives contractors real-time visibility across the organization, allowing them to collaborate across workflows to utilize resources more efficiently. He also demonstrates key features like customizable role-specific views and how to manage needs and assignments with drag-and-drop simplicity.

Starbucks is Building a Better Future With Procore

Starbucks, a global coffee chain, had a significant challenge to overcome — it needed a centralized platform for efficient communication. As the director of construction for the U.S. Licensed Store Business, Sara Angus oversees the construction of 300-350 new stores and the renovation of 600–800 stores every year. With so much in motion, Starbucks needed a way to cut out miscommunication, streamline construction and order data for trend forecasting and analytics. Procore presented an ideal solution for Starbucks — a single platform for all communication and data management.

Constructing History: Unveiling the Ancient Techniques that Shaped Our World

Constructing History - OnTraccr

Construction is the cornerstone of human progress, and throughout history, ingenious methods have been developed to build awe-inspiring structures that still captivate us today. From the towering pyramids of Egypt to the grandeur of the Roman Colosseum, the techniques employed by ancient civilizations not only shaped the world of their time but continue to influence modern construction practices. Join OnTraccr Technologies on a captivating journey through history as they explore the remarkable construction methods of ancient times and their enduring impact on the world of architecture and engineering. Read the blog here.

Transform Your Organization with Real-time Data & Insights

Transform your organization - SoftwareOne

Post-pandemic construction demands leveraging real-time data to make informed project decisions. In today’s digital age, the industry struggles to collaborate and use data efficiently due to communication silos throughout the project, including design, preconstruction, execution, and closeout stages. Business intelligence (BI) dashboards and data analytic reports are becoming indispensable tools that help to upscale business performance and inform better decision-making. In this webinar courtesy of SoftwareOne Canada, they highlight how the entire project team can work more collaboratively and efficiently in MTWO’s integrated cloud platform and how the estimators, schedulers, project managers, and facility managers can all use, benefit from, and add value to BI Dashboards and Workflows.

5 Must-Have Features for Jobsite Security

Jobsite security - Truelook

Construction sites are bustling with activity, valuable equipment, and materials, making them an attractive target for security breaches like theft and vandalism. Ensuring the safety and security of a jobsite is essential for all builders, no matter the project type or need. Thankfully, builders have a wide range of solutions for mitigating potential threats and ensuring security for any and all jobsites. If you want to enhance the security of your construction practice and ensure the safety of your projects, equipment, and teams, this blog by TrueLook Construction Cameras outlines the top five essential features you should consider implementing for jobsite security.

Weather Risk Management: How to Navigate the Challenges

Weather plays a pivotal role in the construction industry. Unpredictable conditions, compounded by the looming threat of climate change, demand heightened preparedness and strategic responses. According to a study by the Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI), weather conditions affect 45% of construction projects worldwide. This has cascading financial implications, incurring billions in unforeseen costs and lost revenues. But what exactly constitutes these weather risks, and how can contractors rise above them? Read this blog by EHAB to learn more.

STACK Construction Technologies Clinches Spot on the Inc 5000 List for the Seventh Consecutive Year

STACK Construction Technologies, an industry-leading construction software platform, has been recognized for the seventh time as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S. by Inc Magazine’s 2023 Inc 5000 list. With over 120% revenue growth from 2020-2022, STACK ranks at number 2,525 on the list, showcasing its impressive 123% revenue growth and the addition of 166 jobs since 2020. The company’s CEO, Philip Ogilby, expressed excitement for the recognition, emphasizing STACK’s commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions in the construction technology landscape. The platform’s construction solutions facilitate collaboration, offering field collaboration and construction management features.

Joseph Merritt & Company Now Offers 3D Documentation Services with Digital Twin Technology

Joseph Merritt & Company, a leader in commercial printing and digital document services, now offers 3D capture technology scanning services. This includes Matterport-powered 3D Documentation and Digital Twin Technology, revolutionizing architecture by enhancing design, post-construction operations, and client communication. The service enables interactive 3D tours, notes collaboration, accurate measurements, high-quality outputs (4K photos, floor plans, guided tours), and versatility for print and digital use. The technology benefits architects, engineers, construction, and commercial real estate professionals. Joseph Merritt & Company’s commitment to over 115 years of AEC technology expertise ensures valuable insights, smarter decision-making, and increased productivity for clients.

Roof Ruler leverages high-quality imagery to streamline estimations

One of the most time-consuming parts of lining up roofing contracts is actually going out and measuring up the site. That’s something that Calgary startup Roof Ruler is trying to nail down. Founder Mike Kong said that between travelling to the location, doing the measure and then calculating the area, he said it’s often more than four hours. That cuts into time roofers can actually be out on the job, finishing up work and collecting cheques. Kong said quite often they account for a 10 per cent waste error in their measurements as well. With Roof Rules technology, he said their system measures with 99 per cent precision.

AI poised to revolutionize construction

Artificial intelligence is influencing the real estate and construction sectors, with builders adopting tools like drones, cameras, and apps to enhance construction site efficiency, reducing project durations and costs. AI enables real-time progress mapping, aiding contractors to track performance and detect deviations from blueprints, facilitating optimal crew and material scheduling. While AI isn’t directly constructing, it supports contractors. The construction industry, historically slower in adopting technology, has accelerated integration due to the pandemic. Leaders in AI usage are experiencing benefits, such as UK firm nPlan’s AI reducing costs by 5% on an $11 billion project. AI streamlines project management, reduces physical labor, and eases technology-savvy employee transitions.

Brigade Electronics Introduces AI Intelligent Detection Cameras in Canada

Brigade Electronics, a prominent vehicle safety systems provider, has unveiled AI Intelligent Detection Cameras in Canada. These advanced cameras employ artificial intelligence to identify humans within preset detection zones, warning drivers visually or audibly before potential collisions. A significant upgrade from traditional cameras, Brigade’s AI cameras offer improved features and increased visibility at the vehicle’s front and rear. Experts hail this launch as a breakthrough in commercial vehicle safety. Brigade’s Senior Product Manager, Thierry Bourgeay, anticipates a profound impact on road safety, emphasizing advanced capabilities for fleet operators and drivers. Warren Di Marco, Managing Director at Brigade Electronics Canada, emphasizes AI’s transformative role in enhancing safety across various industries, facilitated by easy installation and compatibility with existing systems.

Construction Procurement Platform Kojo Launches New Tool Tracking Solution

Kojo, a leading construction materials and inventory management platform, has introduced Kojo Tool Tracking. This innovation aids trade contractors in efficiently overseeing tool and equipment inventory across various job sites. The tool’s launch comes in response to high equipment theft rates, costing the construction industry between $300 million to $1 billion annually. Kojo’s solution provides real-time insights into tools’ condition, location, and users, benefiting field, warehouse, and purchasing teams. The CEO highlights the tool’s value in mitigating inefficiencies and theft. The solution includes features like a warehouse dashboard, check-in/out functionality, detailed views, lifecycle management, and usage history.

Egis Capital Partners Invests in Construction Technology Company Sensera Systems

Egis Capital Partners has led a Series A equity investment in Sensera Systems, a prominent provider of solar/cellular cameras and real-time jobsite intelligence software. Sensera’s technology enhances construction project execution, serving over 1800 clients. The investment aids Sensera’s mission to improve outcomes for construction contractors and owners. The experienced investors, Egis Capital Partners and MUUS Asset Management, bring security and construction technology expertise. Sensera offers flexible site intelligence tech for construction and other sectors, integrating with project management systems. This funding will facilitate technological advancements and expansion in existing and related markets, solidifying Sensera’s position as a construction tech leader. The investment concluded in August 2023.

Planera introduces Scotland Foss as New Head of Sales

Planera has appointed Scotland Foss as Head of Sales. With a background of over 10 years in sales, including roles at Autodesk Construction Cloud, Plangrid, and Scratchpad, Foss aims to enhance Planera’s market strategy and transform construction scheduling and planning. Foss’ experience in scaling Plangrid to $100M ARR, followed by Autodesk’s acquisition, showcases his impact in the industry. He plans to drive positive business outcomes by building a diverse sales team and understanding customers’ needs through site visits. Planera provides a digital whiteboard experience, streamlining collaboration and scheduling for construction professionals, promising accuracy and efficiency.

Contruent appoints Andy Verone as Chief Strategy Officer

SaaS company Contruent, specializing in capital project management software, has appointed Andy Verone as Chief Strategy Officer. With 35+ years of experience, Verone excels in innovative strategies, business transformation, and cross-functional collaboration. Previously a Global Vice President at Oracle, he oversaw construction and engineering, led M&A, shaped product strategies, and co-founded Oracle’s Vertical Industry Labs. Verone’s appointment follows Contruent’s trend of recruiting top executives from companies like Google, Oracle, and Autodesk. The company achieved a 55% YoY sales growth in 2022. Verone’s expertise is expected to enhance Contruent’s technological transformation for more efficient global project outcomes.

Pixly Extends a Helping Hand to Maui Fire Victims

San Diego-based software company Pixly expresses solidarity with Maui’s fire-stricken community. Offering its advanced photo and video documentation platform, Pixly aims to aid victims in rebuilding after the devastating fires. Specializing in construction, insurance, and real estate, the platform helps streamline project documentation, collaboration, and communication. The CEO, Lee Mills, pledges support and free access to Maui fire victims, allowing real-time on-site photo and video sharing, tagging, and annotation. This assistance aims to accelerate building estimates, reduce costs, and aid reconstruction. Pixly’s gesture reflects its commitment to help Maui’s recovery and save time and money during reconstruction.

Advanced Weather Technology Allows Walbridge to Adapt to Hazardous Conditions

Boston-based start-up empowers organizations like Walbridge to mitigate weather impact through its advanced weather intelligence platform. Utilizing generative AI, proprietary modeling, and space technology, enables accurate weather predictions, risk reduction, and operational resilience for companies such as JetBlue, Ford, and Uber. Walbridge employs to minimize weather-related disruptions on projects across the country. The platform centralizes weather information, facilitates real-time communication, and aids in complex weather-related decision-making.’s adaptable technology has impressed Walbridge by enhancing safety, project management, and impact mitigation.

Evercam Launches “BIM Heroes” Podcast to Explore How Tech is Elevating Construction

Evercam launches the “BIM Heroes” podcast, featuring construction reality capture and visualization solutions. Hosted by Cody Whitelock, Evercam, the podcast invites industry experts to discuss technology, reality capture, and digitalization in construction. Cody Whitelock, a VDC, Technology & Innovation Lead at Barnhill Construction, and Evercam combine their expertise to provide insights and success stories on implementing digital tools. The podcast showcases real-world case studies and interviews with industry leaders, offering firsthand looks at how digitalization transforms construction projects. It’s a must-listen for construction professionals seeking knowledge and inspiration, with a live podcast at the BIM Coordinators Summit in Dublin, Ireland. Subscribe on major podcast platforms.

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