Monday, May 27, 2024
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ConTech Blog - Main
April 14, 2024

ConTech: Latest Trends and Innovations – No. 53

A look at the world of Construction Technology – by Arnie Gess, publisher of Construction Links Network.

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Welcome to the Construction Links Network’s weekly construction technology blog, your essential guide to the rapidly evolving world of construction tech! Every week, we delve into how technology is reshaping every facet of the construction industry, from innovative design and meticulous planning to efficient project management and on-site execution. This blog series is dedicated to bringing construction professionals the most current updates on emerging tools, techniques, and trends. From exploring the latest in software solutions to groundbreaking building materials and pioneering research, our blog is a comprehensive resource for anyone keen on the technological advancements driving the future of construction. Stay informed and ahead of the curve with our in-depth coverage of all things construction technology.

From our members

ERP vs CRM: Know the Difference

ERP vs CRM - Premier blog

Manually managing resources, customers, and staff is a tall order. There are simply too many things to keep track of in a construction business to rely on paper books, repetitive data entry, and old-school, one-dimensional software. That’s why tools like ERP and CRM software programs exist, as these tools simplify and smoothen some of the most important processes a construction firm has to manage to grow and protect profitability. The thing is, ERP and CRM software are different tools that serve separate purposes, but both could be huge boosts to small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). In this ERP vs CRM comparison, we’ll go over what each tool is, what makes them similar, how they’re different, and which type of software a construction company should implement. Read the blog.

OpenSpace BIM+: FAQs About our New Package of 3D Tools

Openspace BIM - FAQ blog

We had a great turnout at our New OpenSpace BIM+: Unlock the power of BIM in the field webinar held the same day as the official launch of our brand new package of 3D tools. OpenSpace BIM+ is built specifically for the field to improve BIM coordination. The chat was very active during the webinar and we ran out of time to respond to all the questions live! So we went through the list of unanswered questions and are providing our responses here. (Note that we combined similar questions into one.) First things first, we heard that some viewers experienced low video quality during the webinar, while others did not. The recording looks great, so we recommend watching it on-demand, especially to see the product demos clearly. Read the blog.

Cupix Announces New Seamless Integration with Revizto to Elevate Construction Project Management

Revizto Partnership Cupix

Cupix, the creator of the revolutionary CupixWorks, a cloud-based, AI-powered 4D reality capture collaborative construction software, and Revizto, the industry-leading Integrated Collaboration Platform that streamlines and centralizes Building Information Management (BIM) coordination and communication, recently announced the launch of a new integration. The new functionality sets a new bar for efficiency, accuracy, and transparency in the construction industry by leveraging the cutting-edge capabilities of both platforms.

STACK Poised to Eclipse the Competition with New AI Assist Functionality

STACK Construction Technologies recently introduced STACK Assist, an AI-enhanced feature within their cloud-based platform, aimed at automating the takeoff process for contractors. This innovative tool, developed in collaboration with Workpack, significantly speeds up measuring floor plans, promising time savings of 50-90% by automating tasks such as counting and measuring walls, doors, and symbols. STACK Assist represents a step forward in increasing efficiency and business growth opportunities for construction firms by leveraging AI for more accurate and faster project estimations.

VitalEdge Technologies Teams Up with FDC Solutions for Dealer Management

VitalEdge Technologies and FDC Solutions have formed a strategic alliance to enhance digital transformation in the heavy equipment industry. FDC Solutions will serve as the endorsed implementer of VitalEdge’s e-Emphasys ERP, aiming to streamline dealer management processes. This collaboration combines VitalEdge’s technology with FDC’s industry expertise to deliver advanced parts inventory management and fulfillment applications, promising increased efficiency and profitability for Caterpillar dealers worldwide.

Enhancing Building Utilization and Health with R-Zero Technology

R-Zero has partnered with One Workplace to enhance building utilization and health through smart technologies, including sensors and intelligent cleaning systems. This collaboration aims to transform workspaces for better productivity, health, and energy efficiency, addressing the challenges of adapting spaces to changing work dynamics and environmental concerns.

NV5 Completes Largest Contiguous Oblique Imagery Collection in U.S.

NV5 has completed the largest contiguous oblique imagery collection in the U.S. for Kentucky, covering 40,660 square miles. This project, part of the KyFromAbove initiative, makes high-resolution geospatial data publicly available, enhancing public safety, economic development, and more. Kentucky is the first state to offer such detailed oblique imagery for free, supporting various uses from urban planning to recreational exploration.

The Role of Technology in Reducing Construction Waste

Technological advancements such as Building Information Management (BIM) and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) play pivotal roles in reducing waste. These technologies create detailed 3D models that enhance planning and allow for precise material ordering, thus minimizing waste. BIM and VDC are becoming more accessible, even for residential construction, promising further advancements through AI and generative machine learning, which enhance visualization and decision-making for clients.

How AI technology is making the construction sector safer

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing workplace health and safety through innovative technologies like AI wearables, which have gained traction first in the US and now in the UK. These include the WearHealth exoskeleton scanning technology and the Modjoul SmartBelt, which enhance safety measures by monitoring health and preventing accidents among high-risk workers. These devices not only help in collision avoidance by tracking plant machinery but also offer personalized data insights that can inform and improve future safety policies.

How can construction technology improve customer satisfaction?

Communication, quality, efficiency, and safety technologies significantly boost customer satisfaction in project management. By using cloud software, mobile apps, and VR for dynamic communication, alongside advanced tools like BIM and AI for quality control, projects not only meet timelines and budgets through efficient practices such as lean construction but also enhance safety through wearable tech and biometrics, ensuring all project aspects contribute to a superior customer experience.

DEVELON Launches New Telematics Digital Platform

Develon has recently launched a new telematics digital platform that marks a significant advancement in the integration and utility of telematics in construction equipment. This platform enhances the tracking, monitoring, and optimization of machinery, significantly benefiting project management and operational efficiency. Features such as geofencing enhance safety and environmental protection by setting alerts around sensitive areas, and predictive maintenance capabilities ensure equipment is serviced before potential failures occur. This development not only supports better maintenance scheduling but also reduces the carbon footprint by minimizing idle times and improving fuel efficiency​.

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