Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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March 31, 2024

ConTech: Latest Trends and Innovations – No. 51

A look at the world of Construction Technology – by Arnie Gess, publisher of Construction Links Network.

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Welcome to the Construction Links Network’s weekly construction technology blog, your essential guide to the rapidly evolving world of construction tech! Every week, we delve into how technology is reshaping every facet of the construction industry, from innovative design and meticulous planning to efficient project management and on-site execution. This blog series is dedicated to bringing construction professionals the most current updates on emerging tools, techniques, and trends. From exploring the latest in software solutions to groundbreaking building materials and pioneering research, our blog is a comprehensive resource for anyone keen on the technological advancements driving the future of construction. Stay informed and ahead of the curve with our in-depth coverage of all things construction technology.

From our members

New Zones: Track and Solve Issues More Efficiently

Track new zones - Openspace blog

Field Notes in OpenSpace makes it easy to capture detailed information about your project and send it to the right person—on the jobsite or in the office. Customers use Field Notes to keep track of observations, flag issues, streamline punch lists, and speed up RFIs. Already one of the most-used features, new enhancement makes Field Notes even more efficient for communication and solving problems. Read the blog.

Why Accounting in Construction Management is Needed

why accounting Construction Management - Jonas blog

Imagine overseeing a construction project where you’re unsure about the cost of materials, labor, and other overhead costs. This is where the role of accounting in construction becomes evidently crucial to the project’s success. From tracking costs to ensuring projects stay within budget, a project cannot be successfully completed without accurate accounting data and reporting. In this article, Jonas Construction Software dives deeper into why accounting in construction management is needed, the role accounting plays in construction management and how to successfully implement accounting into your workflows to produce accurate cost and financial data and reporting.

Understanding Construction Risk Management

Understanding Construction Risk Management - Premier

You don’t need a lifetime’s worth of experience to realize that construction is rife with risk. Worker accidents, materials shortages, weather delays, environmental regulations, and payment disputes are all common risks in construction projects. These factors all play a role in the project’s outcome. That’s why construction risk management is so important. Construction risk management makes it possible to sort through, prioritize, and handle the hazards associated with a project. Premier Construction Software will take an exploration into this process and how it works so you’ll have a better understanding of construction risk management. Read the blog.

Igniting AECO Innovation with the Revizto 2023 Collaborators of the Year Awards

2023 Revizto Collaborators of the Year Awards

Revizto, the industry-leading Integrated Collaboration Platform that streamlines and centralizes project workflows and communication, recently announced and celebrated in Denver, Colorado, the winners of the 2023 Collaborators of the Year Awards during the Revizto annual global user conference, RevUP 2024. This year, the nominees had an unprecedented level of creativity and determination, making the selection process more challenging than ever. The winners have set new standards in their respective fields, embracing progress and the power of transformative ideas.

Steven McDowall Joins TrueLook as VP of Product

Steven McDowall has joined TrueLook, a leader in construction camera technology, as the Vice President of Product. Bringing over thirty years of experience from various tech sectors, McDowall’s career includes significant roles at SoundThinking, Carbyne, and MissionMode Solutions, where he enhanced technology infrastructures and led development teams. At TrueLook, he aims to drive product innovation and customer value, supported by a diverse background in developing world-class products.

Automate Autodesk Construction Cloud Project Setup With ProjectReady

ProjectReady now automates Autodesk Construction Cloud project setups, marking a significant step in enhancing collaborative project management for the AEC industry. This feature streamlines project creation across platforms, ensuring data consistency and accelerating project timelines. It’s a milestone in ProjectReady’s integration journey, promising efficiency and a unified data environment for construction professionals.

Bridging Knowledge Gap: Trusstor’s Progress Analyzer Tool

Trusstor’s Progress Analyzer tool revolutionizes construction management by providing a comprehensive overview of project progress, enabling executives to easily monitor, report, and analyze activities across their construction projects. This zero-intrusion IoT solution enhances decision-making with its detailed insights into project health, helping identify on-track milestones and potential bottlenecks. It’s designed to streamline operations and ensure efficient resource allocation, embodying a significant leap in managing complex construction projects through digital innovation.

Former PennDOT Secretary Yassmin Gramian Joins Aurigo’s Industry Strategy Group

Yassmin Gramian, former PennDOT Secretary, has joined Aurigo’s Industry Strategy Group as an advisor, bringing her vast experience in managing complex capital programs and advancing transportation systems. Her role focuses on leveraging technology to improve public agency operations and support the $1.2 trillion bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Gramian, with a history of notable achievements and leadership positions, aims to guide infrastructure owners through adopting cutting-edge technologies to enhance productivity and stakeholder relationships.

Cornerstone Building Brands Enhances Supply Chain with Innovative Technologies

Cornerstone Building Brands is leveraging ToolsGroup and River Logic’s innovative technologies to enhance its supply chain. This strategic move aims to optimize the end-to-end value chain of its business units, Aperture Solutions and Shelter Solutions. The integration facilitates advanced planning and inventory optimization, ensuring operational excellence and financial returns. This initiative underscores Cornerstone’s commitment to using cutting-edge solutions to drive efficiency and profitability across its operations.

MATRIX Introduces AI Contract Development Solution for Digital Twins

MATRIX introduces an AI-driven contract development solution for creating photorealistic digital twins from smartphone videos, utilizing Gaussian Splatting technology. This innovation aims to streamline digital twin construction in various industries by offering a cost-effective, efficient alternative to traditional methods. MATRIX’s solution, leveraging its Metaverse platform experience, addresses industry demands for more accessible, realistic virtual modeling, promising significant advancements in construction, engineering, real estate, and manufacturing.

Cutting-Edge 3D Simulations Enhance Professional Inspector Education

Interplay Learning and Bullseye Building Consultants have partnered to revolutionize professional inspector education by integrating cutting-edge 3D simulation training into Bullseye’s courses. This innovative approach, first of its kind for Texas inspectors, enhances learning with interactive simulations, offering a hands-on experience that prepares students for real-world inspections. The program, designed for flexibility and depth, marks a significant shift towards immersive, technology-driven education in the inspection industry.

OnGo Alliance Recognizes CTS’s SiteNet™ Innovation

Communication Technology Services (CTS) received the 2023 Excellence in OnGo Device Innovation Award from the OnGo Alliance for its SiteNet™, a groundbreaking jobsite communications service. Utilizing CBRS radio spectrum and private cellular technology, SiteNet™ provides extensive wireless Internet connectivity across construction sites, supporting various applications and devices. This recognition, following a previous award for a healthcare solution, highlights CTS’s commitment to addressing connectivity challenges in the construction industry with innovative, efficient solutions.

TPM Announces New Autodesk Buying Process

TPM, a longstanding technology company, has announced a significant change in Autodesk’s buying process, effective June 10, 2024, requiring customers to buy or renew licenses directly with Autodesk, while still depending on partners like TPM for support and services. This new model aims to streamline the purchasing experience, offering consistency in pricing and deeper insights into customers’ business needs. TPM is also investing in enhancing its services to better meet future customer demands in various technology and consulting areas​.

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