Monday, March 4, 2024
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February 11, 2024

Construction Technology Developments: Latest Trends and Innovations – No. 44

A look at the world of Construction Technology – by Arnie Gess, publisher of Construction Links Network.

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Welcome to the Construction Links Network’s weekly construction technology blog, your essential guide to the rapidly evolving world of construction tech! Every week, we delve into how technology is reshaping every facet of the construction industry, from innovative design and meticulous planning to efficient project management and on-site execution. This blog series is dedicated to bringing construction professionals the most current updates on emerging tools, techniques, and trends. From exploring the latest in software solutions to groundbreaking building materials and pioneering research, our blog is a comprehensive resource for anyone keen on the technological advancements driving the future of construction. Stay informed and ahead of the curve with our in-depth coverage of all things construction technology.

From our members

Dormant to Dominant: Evolving Role of Data on Civil and Infrastructure Projects

Dominant Evolving Civil Infrastructure - Procore

The construction industry has always thrived on data, with builders relying on a multitude of data points to meticulously plan, execute, and successfully complete projects. However, despite this data-rich environment, a significant portion of invaluable data often remains dormant, overlooked, and underutilized. Astonishingly, a staggering 96% of construction data goes entirely unused, according to an FMI report. This statistic is disheartening, especially in contrast with other industries that consider data as the holy grail, particularly in the realm of risk management. In this article, Procore Technologies delves deep into the concept of data maturity as it pertains to civil and infrastructure builders and also uncover how it influences projects and shapes outcomes.

New OpenSpace BIM+ Streamlines BIM Coordination in the Field

BIM + Streamlines

After over 900 Early Access customers partnered with us to test OpenSpace BIM+, we’re excited to announce the official launch of our newest product. Built specifically for the field, OpenSpace BIM+ is a package of 3D tools built on top of (and just as easy to use as) OpenSpace Capture. When you’re using a BIM model on a project, you want to get it into the hands of those doing the building, but working with models requires special skills and learning complicated BIM coordination software. OpenSpace BIM+ changes all that by tying reality capture data to your model directly in OpenSpace—one place that those working on-site can access to view, navigate, and understand the model alongside jobsite images. Read the blog.

Zero-emission drilling rig debut in Canada

Overpass Calgary Graham

Graham is excited to announce that it has been awarded the contract for the new overpass at 16th Ave. & 29th Street NW by the City of Calgary. The overpass project began in December 2023 and is set to conclude in Winter 2024. An exceptional highlight of the project is Graham’s subtrade, Ki International’s use of the LB 30 unplugged a zero-emission electric drilling rig. This innovative and groundbreaking equipment represents the latest technology to date in electrically powered rigs and marks its debut in Canada. Learn more.

The high cost of low coordination: Why BIM and cloud-based collaboration are no longer optional in construction

high cost of low coordination - Revizto blog

The advent of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and cloud-based collaboration technologies has revolutionised the way we approach construction projects. Yet, despite the availability of these tools, their adoption has been slow. More than 75% of companies provide mobile devices to their project managers and field supervisors, but less than one-fifth consistently use apps beyond email, text, and phone calls to access project data and collaborate with project stakeholders. This underutilsation of technology is a missed opportunity for efficiency and cost savings. Read this blog courtesy of Revizto.

The Advantage of All-in-One Construction Management Software Over Multiple Apps

All-in-one construction management software - OnTraccr

In the fast-paced construction industry, managing multiple applications for different aspects of business operations is becoming increasingly problematic. This fragmented approach leads to inefficiencies, data silos, and communication breakdowns, directly impacting productivity and growth. The solution? Transitioning to an all-in-one platform like Ontraccr. This article examines the pressing need for construction businesses to move away from juggling multiple apps towards adopting a unified solution. We’ll explore how an all-in-one construction management platform can address technical, financial, and operational challenges head-on, providing a streamlined, efficient, and scalable approach to managing construction projects. 

Cooper Equipment Rentals Partners with Brickeye for Advanced Construction Monitoring

Cooper Equipment and Brickeye

Cooper Equipment Rentals Limited, Canada’s premier provider of construction equipment rental and services, proudly announces an exclusive partnership with Brickeye, a leading construction technology company focused on risk mitigation applications. This collaboration makes Cooper the sole rental provider of LumiNode and LumiSense systems for ambient monitoring applications across the country. LumiNode and LumiSense products are advanced remote monitoring devices, tracking ambient temperature and humidity on construction job sites. These tools allow contractors to maintain optimal conditions for various applications, such as concrete curing. Real-time mobile alerts and analytics empower job site managers to make timely project efficiency and cost management decisions.

Hoar Construction Signs Enterprise Agreement with Revizto to Boost Collaboration and Facilitate Team Growth

Hoar Construction and Revizto

Revizto, a leader in Integrated Collaboration Platforms, has extended its six-year relationship with Hoar Construction through a new three-year enterprise agreement. This partnership emphasizes Hoar Construction’s commitment to utilizing advanced technology like Building Information Modeling (BIM) for enhanced collaboration and efficiency in various sectors including healthcare and education. Revizto’s platform will continue to centralize project workflows and communication, fostering a highly collaborative environment where all project information is readily accessible, streamlining processes for Hoar Construction.

Overcoming Hurdles: Challenges Faced by Homebuilders in Implementing Estimating Software

Overcoming Hurdles

In the fast-paced and dynamic world of homebuilding, staying ahead of the competition requires adopting innovative solutions. One such solution is the integration of advanced construction estimating software tailored for builders. While the benefits of builders estimating software are evident, the journey to implementation is not without its challenges. In this article, we will explore the hurdles faced by homebuilders in adopting and successfully implementing estimating software, offering insights into overcoming these obstacles. Read the article.

Alobees’s American Expansion and Its Impact on Construction Management

Alobees, a construction management solutions company, is expanding to the U.S. with a new office in Chicago, aiming to revolutionize construction management in North America. The company’s web and mobile application enhances project and team management, offering real-time shift planning, tracking, payroll preparation, and instant communication. This move represents a significant step in digitalizing construction processes, promising improved productivity, safety, and timely delivery for the sector.

ConstructionClock, a Winnipeg-based tech startup, is gaining global attention in the construction industry with its innovative geofencing software. Recently, ConstructionClock has been selected as a featured startup at the International Builders Show in Las Vegas, highlighting its impact on revolutionizing business operations in the construction sector. Additionally, the company has formed a strategic partnership with CompanyCam and was accepted into Canada’s leading SAAS accelerator, L-Spark, which further underscores its growing influence and potential for exponential growth. This recognition and these partnerships signify ConstructionClock’s rising prominence in construction technology.

Darabase Canada: Educating the Canadian Market on Property Digital Rights

Darabase Canada, focusing on educating the Canadian market about Property Digital Rights (PDRs), has launched its first Regional Affiliate office in Toronto. It aims to help property owners manage and monetize their properties in the digital world, particularly through Augmented Reality (AR) content. With the platform, property owners can control the digital use of their assets and open new revenue streams via AR advertising. This initiative aligns with the global shift towards immersive AR media in advertising and offers a legally sound, ethical framework for AR campaigns.

Boom & Bucket has introduced an AI-powered Search and Discovery platform, a first in the digital heavy equipment market that understands natural language inputs. This innovative technology simplifies the process of finding and purchasing used heavy equipment online, offering intuitive, user-friendly searches, and personalized recommendations based on user history and preferences. Dalton Kane, Head of Growth, highlights this as a solution to the cumbersome equipment buying process, aligning with the company’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Celebrate World Lidar Day: Exploring the Global Applications of Remote Sensing Technology

The inaugural World Lidar Day launches today (February 12) as part of the Geo Week Conference in Denver, to annually celebrate the technology and its global applications. Lidar, a remote sensing technology, is vital for various fields like emergency response, forestry, infrastructure management, and autonomous vehicles. The event, founded by a coalition including USGS and NOAA, aims to raise awareness and foster collaboration. The global lidar market, valued at $2.6 billion in 2023, is projected to reach over $12 billion by 2032.

Planera Appoints Wes Ayres as Head of West Coast Sales

Planera, a visual scheduling and planning software provider for construction companies, has appointed Wes Ayres to lead West Coast sales. Ayres, with over 20 years of sales management experience and a successful stint at Autodesk, will focus on expanding Planera’s customer base and advancing its market strategy in construction scheduling. This move is part of Planera’s growth strategy and follows recent developments like California Engineering Contractors adopting their schedule risk analysis tool.

Billd Expands C-Suite to Further Growth and Innovation

Billd, a leading provider of commercial financing solutions for subcontractors, is expanding its executive team to support rapid growth and address increased demand in the construction industry. Paul Williams joins as Chief Financial Officer, Brad Cooper as Chief Customer Officer, and Allison Dancy as Chief Marketing Officer. Their collective experience in finance, customer experience, and marketing is aimed at strengthening Billd’s ability to serve subcontractors and maintain its leadership in commercial financing during times of financial uncertainty in the industry.

Enhance Building Design and Construction with Autodesk Informed Design

Autodesk, Inc. has introduced Autodesk Informed Design, a cloud-based solution integrating design and manufacturing workflows to improve building design and construction. This tool addresses the growing demands for sustainable building in the face of global challenges like urbanization and the housing crisis. Informed Design, part of Autodesk’s Design and Make Platform, offers tools for architects and manufacturers to collaborate effectively, ensuring design accuracy and manufacturability. It promises faster, higher-quality project completion with reduced waste, aligning with Autodesk’s commitment to sustainable, industrialized construction practices.

Contractor+ Launches Regulation Crowdfunding Seed Round

Contractor+, a B2B SaaS solution for home improvement contractors, is launching a Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) seed round on March 1st to accelerate growth and prepare for a Series A round in the next 24 months. With impressive financial metrics like $360K Annual Run Rate and $24k Monthly Recurring Revenue, the company is experiencing rapid growth. This round will fund the development of their patent-pending Contractors Assistant AI, aimed at revolutionizing contractor operations. Investors can participate through a convertible note offering, highlighting Contractor+’s potential in field service management. Raises $1.5 Million in Seed Round, a Calgary-based AI company, has secured $1.5 million in seed funding led by Trico Ventures Corp., with participation from US and Canadian home builders. The investment will enable expansion across North America, addressing the housing supply gap.’s AI-driven solutions assist builders in optimizing planning, efficiency, and understanding market demand, aligning with the need for 3.45 million new homes in Canada by 2030. Their suite includes OpenConnect, OpenPredict, and OpenFlow platforms, enhancing builders’ decision-making and operational efficiency. The funding supports product development, sales, marketing, and scalable growth.

Foundamental Leads $750K Funding Extension for Argentine Startup Nuqlea

Nuqlea, an Argentine construction tech startup, has secured a $750,000 funding extension, led by Foundamental. Nuqlea offers a B2B platform, Nuqlea Studio, that serves as a marketplace and procurement portal for construction companies. This funding will aid Nuqlea’s expansion in Argentina and future growth in Latin America. The company aims to address the housing crisis and infrastructure needs in the region, leveraging AI for product matching and projections. CEO Gaston Remy emphasizes Nuqlea’s role as an ecosystem connector, with plans to expand into Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia.

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