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September 12, 2018

Is the construction sector finally embracing artificial intelligence?


Industries are embracing technologies like artificial intelligence on a greater scale than ever before, and construction is no different. CTOs take note

The construction industry is, without doubt, a very hands-on and physical profession. It’s understandable then that the sector hasn’t been as quickly changed by the digital age as some other industries. But it looks like the world of construction has become far bolder in its approach and acceptance of technology in the workplace, particularly when it comes to artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has impacted a wide range of workplaces and is finally having its moment in the construction sector. From helping to plan projects, to inputting suggestions in the design phase and physically helping on the construction site itself, AI has undoubtedly become a critical part of improving processes in construction.

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Construction areas adopting AI

The use of artificial intelligence in the construction industry can be divided into four clear categories: planning, administrative, construction and post-construction. Within these categories, the use of artificial intelligence varies.

Surveying the proposed site, collecting data on the area, identifying any problems, drawing up maps and blueprints — all these processes can, of course, be done by human beings. But the processes can take weeks to complete this way.

Now, artificial intelligence is used through various machinery and building design software to help both survey the site and produce 3D maps and designs in one day.

This stage makes use of autonomous equipment, which, with the use of surroundings-aware AI, can move around without human intervention. The process is not only quicker, but cheaper in the long run in terms of labour costs.

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