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July 4, 2019

Construction magnate Accurso being sued for $485,000 in unpaid legal fees



As reported in the Montreal Gazette, construction magnate Antonio Accurso and his company, Simard Beaudry Construction Inc., are being sued for nearly $500,000 in unpaid legal fees.

The law firm behind the suit, De Grandpré Chait, represented several co-accused in separate cases, but an agreement had been made that Accurso and his company would pay the legal fees because it “benefited the defendants in their own legal proceedings.”

The firm is now seeking to collect $485,000 in unpaid fees. The suit was made public at the Montreal courthouse on Wednesday.

As of February 2018, the firm had received roughly $300,000 in payments from the company. According to the suit, Accurso and the company repeatedly told the firm that other payments would be made after Simard Beaudry sold a pipeline it owned in Western Canada.

The suit says the company sold the pipeline in early 2019, but argues the fees have continued to go unpaid.

In a conversation in February 2019, the suit says, Accurso reassured the firm another payment of $300,000 would be made and pledged to pay an additional $185,000 to ensure the firm would continue to handle the cases.

“Since that time, no payment of fees has been paid by the defendants to the applicant,” the suit says, “despite the multiple commitments described above, and even if the funds from the sale of the pipeline were collected by Simard Beaudry Construction Inc.”

The civil suit adds to Accurso’s ongoing legal troubles.

Keep reading in the Montreal Gazette


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