Monday, June 17, 2019

Construction on Condo unit in Regina’s east end remains at a standstill



While Regina’s east end continues to expand, construction on one residential development in the Greens on Gardiner neighbourhood remains at a standstill.

The Glass House Condo unit on Chuka Boulevard, one of the area’s main roads, has stood half-complete for more than one year. Some of the fencing surrounding the project is falling down, as are some of the structure’s temporary balconies.

“As a resident, (it’s) absolutely an eyesore, and maybe at worst, an inconvenience,” said Tonaya McGregor with the Arcola East Community Association.

It’s a sentiment shared by many in the community. On the Glass House Condo’s Facebook page, one resident wrote, “How long has this been at a standstill? Drive by and nothing is ever being done, but hey, great home for the pigeons.” Another person called the building an “eyesore and safety hazard in the neighbourhood.”

According to Saskatchewan’s Land Titles Registry, Glasshouse Developments Ltd. purchased the property in 2013. Greenview Developments and R2 Investments are listed as investors in the project online.

Rody Moldenhauer is involved with the project. He said construction of the condo unit is stalled, due to issues with partners.

“We believe in the subdivision. We believe in the city. We believe in the project,” said Moldenhauer. “There have just been some mechanical issues with capitalization.”

Moldenhauer said they are now looking for new investors to fund the project.

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