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October 23, 2018

Construction begins on Edmonton’s End of the World development

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A popular lookout over the North Saskatchewan River known to Edmontonians as “End of the World” is about to go through some major changes.

Construction on the lookout, now called Keillor Point, began on Monday morning.

The site is located at the top of the riverbank on Saskatchewan Drive in the Belgravia neighbourhood, above the former Keillor Road.

Design work for the project includes construction of a staircase, hand railing, a formalized viewing area and a granular trail. The changes are meant to improve safety and accessibility at the popular picturesque viewpoint.

Members of the Belgravia Community League have been working hard with the city on the project. After years of people using the space to party, the chair of the Keillor Point committee said it’s nice to see construction is underway to create a safer space for everyone.

“It’s time to make it safe and the plan that is in place now will do that, and it’ll be a beautiful community asset,” Roger Laing said.

“In every change, there’s pluses and minuses. Yes, there might be more traffic and more parking but it will be folks coming to enjoy the river valley, which is why it’s here. We’re happy and lucky to be able to live near this river valley, and it’s quite appropriate for us to be sharing it with others.”

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