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August 14, 2018

Constellation HomeBuilder Systems dominates customer experience in homebuilding space with newly formed group


TORONTOAug. 14, 2018 /CNW/ — Constellation HomeBuilder Systems, the largest provider of home building software solutions and services, is changing the homebuyer customer experience landscape with the newly formed customer experience group.

Today, over 87% of homebuilding companies say they expect to compete in their market mostly or completely on the basis of customer experience. As homeowners demand a more engaging customer service experience from builders, Constellation HomeBuilder Systems is leading the way by making them the highest priority.

Over the past two years, Constellation HomeBuilder Systems has made strategic investments in the customer experience space, acquiring CustomerInsight, CustomerConnect, Woodland, O’Brien & Scott and Conasys Homeowner Care. Each of these companies brings highly valued products and services that have been proven to increase customer experience, reduce warranty costs and drive brand recognition and referrals. “Customer experience is a strategy to fundamentally align a company’s products and services with the wants and needs of its customers,” says Christian Casewell, Director of Customer Experience at Constellation Homebuilder Systems. “While this might seem simple, there really is no other way to uncover the truth than to ask your customers directly.”

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The newly formed Customer Experience Group will help bring new resources and opportunities to builders by approaching customer experience from two sides. On one side, independent “voice of the customer” surveying will be conducted at key moments with performance metrics and strategic analysis to help homebuilders stay ahead of the curve. On the other side, powerful customer communication platforms will deliver value to homes, while allowing homebuilders to strengthen customer relationships. “As this new group comes together, the additional value that we can bring to our customers is exciting,” said Charlie Scott, Director at Woodland O’Brien & Scott. “No other company in the industry offers this depth and breadth of home builder tools and service – it’s very exciting.”

Learn what the new Customer Experience Group has to offer and how they will help homebuilders achieve excellent customer service. Watch the video.

Homeowners today want to do business with builders that truly listen to them, not just make them think they are listening. Companies that engage customers and create exceptional experiences can set themselves apart from competitors and thrive.

About Constellation HomeBuilder Systems
Constellation HomeBuilder Systems is the largest provider of software and services in the building industry. Their innovative software solutions, available as standalone or integrated systems, empower builders with information to drive business objectives and simplify the process of building homes and condos. Constellation HomeBuilder Systems is the home building software division of Constellation Software Inc., an international provider of market-leading software and services for specialized industries, which is traded publicly on the Toronto Stock Exchange.


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