Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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March 29, 2018

Concerns persist in Nova Scotia about the supposed health risks of smart meters

As Nova Scotia Power works to install $133 million worth of smart meters in the homes and businesses of its 500,000 customers, it’s also going to have to fight unfounded claims that they’re bad for people’s health.

The meters will allow the company to automatically measure how much electricity people consume, eliminating the need for meter readers to manually take the measurement.

The utility says the meters will also provide consumers better information about their usage and will automatically generate outage notifications, resulting in more efficient power restoration.

Despite statements from groups such as Health Canada, Public Health England and the American Cancer Society that say smart meters don’t pose any health risks, anti-smart meter advocates claim the radiofrequency (RF) energy emitted by the devices can cause a host of health conditions, like cancer, autism and Parkinson’s disease.

Like all wireless devices, smart meters emit RF energy.

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